Friday, January 31, 2014

The Heard Museum, Phoenix Arizona

In the same historic neighborhood that I blogged about earlier this week HERE is the most famous museum in Phoenix, The Heard Museum of American Indian art and history.
Founded by Dwight and Maie Bartlett Heard in 1929 the museum dedicates itself to the art and culture of native people, particularly in the Southwest.
Much of the building was built later by noted Southwest architect Bennie Gonzales in his distinctive style which blends so well with the climate. Courtyards, arches, screens, and arcades are reminiscent of both native styles as well as Mediterranean architecture.
The central courtyard is probably one of the most beautiful spaces in Phoenix. Birds sing from trees which shade one from the glare of the sun while tinkling water trickles through an interesting central water feature.
One of the most noted restaurants in Phoenix lies here and I spent an enjoyable January afternoon outside eating delicious Posole in the sun while Washington DC suffered a cold snap which I barely escaped!
The older parts of the building feature 1920s Spanish style ironwork and details such as this charming Juliet balcony. I was such a northeastern tourist and the sight of every orange tree just made me giddy.
The eclectic work of Gonzalez blends in well with the older Spanish style of the original building.
 What I assume to be the original entrance featured these handsome ironwork gates.
 And another small shaded courtyard now was silent with the entry activity confined to the large addition.
Definitely check out the Heard Museum on your trip to Phoenix to learn more about native cultures and don't forget to try the Posole and prickly pear lemonade!


Nancy {at} powellbrower at home said...

What a lovely place. I love a good museum!( Are there any bad ones?) I can feel that inner courtyard and you were so lucky to escape this last cold snap, although it's still here. Have a wonderful weekend in the 50 degree weather ( for a minute) before it gets cold again! xo Nancy

Hels said...

Attractive post, thanks :) I have been to Phoenix once, but alas no-one mentioned the museum back them (1994 ish).

You are right! The ourtyards, arches, screens and arcades remind me very much of Spanish mission architecture and are appropriate for the climate. And the trees in the courtyard look wonderful. But which are the features that best represent American Indian art and history?

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

I love courtyards, and this one looks very gracious. I used to work at the Freer Gallery, and we even had peacocks in the courtyard shortly after the re-opening. Adding the Heard Museum to my list.

Karena Albert said...

Stefan I love the wonderful ironwork and the courtyard..

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