Thursday, September 21, 2017

Gil Schafer, A place to call home

The most highly anticipated book this year has got to be architect Gil Schafer's "A Place to Call Home" from Rizzoli.  His first book, 2012's "The Great American House", was a huge hit and is one of my top favorite design books in my library. The book is split into 2 parts: the first he discusses what resonates with him when designing a house for a client (or himself) and the second part takes an in depth look at some of his more recent projects. 
I think one of the reasons Schafer's work is so popular is that he believes in the maxim God is in the details. In no project is this more important than in a home where someone lives with and physically touches each design decision on a daily basis. Schafer is a residential master; the projects in the book range from the traditional architecture he is known for to more modern styles.
The book is written so conversationally one walks away feeling you've made a new friend!   It's easy to form a connection to Schafer as he begins the book with stories of his childhood of different family houses: the sites and smells he remembers. I think we all have those memories of grandma's house!  
My favorite section is called 'the spaces in between' which are so important to a home; Linen closets, mudrooms, butler's pantries; etc.  Some great tips to pick up from that chapter!
Clients today rarely ask for formality and Schafer addresses this intelligently. It's possible to have functional spaces in a more traditional design aesthetic; candlelight and dressing up are not required!
This book is a must have for any design library and will bring a smile to your face. I promise you'll return to it again and again!
All images taken from the book, published by Rizzoli, and photographed by Eric Piasecki.