Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My dining room

May I apologize for my recent lack of posts but show you what I've been up to? As you may know I moved a few months ago into an older 'fixer upper' Coop apartment. I left downtown for the Cleveland Park neighborhood for numerous reasons, one of which was the need for more space and specifically a dining room.
Before I moved in the dining room had an ugly chandelier and wood shutters.  Heavy wool wall to wall carpeting was throughout. That was a few months of some hard work ripping it all out!
You may recognize a lot of these pieces if you've been reading my blog for awhile; they're just finally coming together in their proper space. The chair in the top picture is one of my 'haunted chairs' which I decided to upholster in the Ralph Lauren plaid.
The large pastel drawing above the bookcase has been with me for a few moves now and I never feel at home without it. This room contains many of my favorite objects but probably the most beautiful is my Capri decanter from Baccarat beneath the drawing, I just love the classic lines..
I love having books here in the dining room which I use not only for every meal but also to spread out and study the latest magazines. Probably the largest project I tackled myself (other than the reconfiguration of the walls for which I hired a contractor) was painting the window sashes black to match my doors. I love how they turned out!
The view through the archway into my foyer shows a sneak peak of some more of the apartment. I know many of you like seeing table settings and here is one below from a little housewarming dinner party I put together after finally pulling the room together.
I already have a pair of bamboo shades I was contemplating hanging in the windows for a layered look behind the curtains.  What do you think, do I need them? Practically speaking, as the window receives a lot of light I thought it might help with glare particularly in the summer. I suppose I could always take them down if they look too cluttered.  Thanks for visiting and let me know what you think about the blinds!