Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Additions to my apartment or estate sale treasures

Summertime is always slow for blogging; lower readership, less to read, and so much going on that there just isn't time in the day. However it's a great time for fun little posts sharing whats going on in one's life!
 I was thrilled last weekend to find an interesting antique cabinet at a Georgetown estate sale for only $60.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The previous owners had taken an antique sideboard (mid 19th century) and gutted it to hold their stereo and record player. It was looking a little worn but the lines were great as was the price.
The cabinet measures in at a hefty 6' long, 2' deep and 36" high. Originally I thought it would make a great vanity for a project I'm working on.  As it had already been altered I didn't mind further mutilating it but it proved to be 6" too long for that task.  However it fits nicely in this corner of my living room and holds all sorts of entertainment glassware, board games, etc, with room to spare!
As you can see it was a little rough when I got it home (the top still hinges up but no more record player inside!). Some wood glue to re-affix the broken veneer (seen in the center), a light cleaning and then a heavy polishing was all it took to shine! You never know what you'll find at an estate sale. Have you found any treasures lately?