Monday, June 20, 2016

Private tour of John Derian's Cape Cod garden

I spent my birthday on Cape Cod 2 weeks ago and made my yearly pilgrimage to artist John Derian's shop in Provincetown. His summer shop is in the garage behind his house, as many people know, and has been published many times. See the charming interiors here at Martha Stewart Living, My Domaine,  and PopSugar. I never leave without buying SOMETHING.
As luck would have it his garden was open for  tours to benefit the local garden association. I jumped at the chance!
 Most of the properties in town are rather small so I was surprised his  large house right in the center of town had an ample lot. Lets go inside.
 Off the main street one enters the garden through a white picket fence and along a path of ferns.
This charming lower porch is where he and his guests spend all of their mealtimes and lounging. Notice all of the lanterns suspended above the table for romantic nighttime lighting.
The porch is well hidden from the street and this large lilac shields the rest of the garden. Privacy is all important in a small town with the houses cheek by jowl!
 A lovely table to arrange flowers stands guard by the kitchen door.
 And under the stairs to the 2nd story porch is a chaise perfect for catching up on the latest news.
 I loved the use of ground cover in the base of this potted tree.
 Looking back towards the street. Charming right?
 From the porch the path continues past an outdoor shower.
This is a beach town so an outdoor shower is important to keep sand out of the house! I love how here he's used antique shutters to close and open the shower as needed. A great use of space.  The large flagstone becomes the shower floor.
 Even the shower head and fixtures are vintage naturally!
 One last look at the porch.
 Heading back behind the house through another picket fence and through a topiary gateway.
 This part of the backyard is kept relatively private from peering eyes but is also the (car)parking for the house.   A large gravel court is perfect for parties and where all of his housemates park their bikes. The gravel is ringed with planting beds full of peonies, herbs, daises and other pretty plants.
Early June is the perfect time in Cape Cod to catch both peonies and other spring flowers as well as the early roses and summer plants.
 Behind the gravel court is what could be a very formal space - an outdoor 'room' with planted walls at least 10' high. Had these hedges been clipped and groomed it would not look out of place at a French Chateaux. However John has lent his relaxed spirit and things are kept charmingly natural.
The center of the 'room' is a large raised planting bed with a central birdbath. I could spend all day here!
These sunchairs are the perfect private place to catch a tan.  I hope you enjoyed this brief tour of John Derian's gardens as much as me!