Friday, March 1, 2019

Save a Landmark (and stay in one too!)

One of the great charities of Great Britain (and beyond) is the Landmark Trust. While we all talk about restoring significant old houses they are out there doing the hard work to the most vulnerable properties. Many times they restore structures that are seen as beyond saving that don't necessarily  make any sense financially but how do you put a pricetag on our cultural heritage? The best part is most are available to rent for your vacations after restoration!
Later this summer for my birthday I'm actually renting the small folly shown in these pictures. For 4 days I'll be calling this miniature chateau home as I travel around the countryside visiting stately homes!
However, when the Trust acquired the house in 1982 it was in the state seen above; a total reconstruction!  Read more about the restoration HERE if interested.  The funds raised by the Trust through donations, holiday rentals, and different events helps to fund these restorations. 
Currently they are running a lottery promotion to raise funds to save Fairburn tower- each ticket enters you to win one of 7 prizes; money towards your own rentals! Buy your tickets for the raffle HERE by May 17, 2019.   As you can see below the tower really needs major work in order to survive.
In a few short years the tower will be a lovely, habitable house again that you can rent for your family for an unforgettable vacation!
The standards of the Trust are extremely high as seen here by the charming interiors of the Chateau. I can't wait to call this home!
Not all of the rentals are this small, many are full houses and even castles for all of your family and friends and at great rates I might add. 
Next vacation (or holiday given the country in which they mostly operate) consider renting your own castle and put your money where your mouth is regarding historic preservation. Visit The Landmark Trust HERE.
all pictures courtesy of The Landmark Trust