Saturday, April 18, 2009


How do you unwind? Any traditions? I like to spend my Saturday mornings catching up on emails, blogs and magazines with a pot of tea and some great toast with marmalade or some sort of jam. I look forward to this every week like you wouldn't believe! I hope you're doing something today that you enjoy just as well! Happy Weekend!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Grey Gardens Movie

I hope Saturday night at 8:00 everyone will be watching 'Grey Gardens' movie on HBO! If you don't have it, find someone who does and barge in (thats what I'll be doing!). I've been waiting for this movie to come out since I first heard about it a year ago.Drew Barrymore, who plays Little Edie, has been out and about promoting the film, doesn't she look great in this vintage dress and hairstyle? And if you haven't already, please check out Visual Vamp's blog post about her relationship with Little Edie -as in she knew her! Fascinating!
Pictures courtesy of Visual Vamp and Go Fug Yourself.
Visit the website for the film HERE

Monday, April 13, 2009

2 stone houses.....

While visiting family this past weekend, I drove through my old neighborhood, Squirrel Hill and took a few pictures of my 2 favorite houses: both are stone. The first is a more finished stone -limestone maybe? Very sophisticated.
The house isn't large but it is certainly grand: A lot of character in this little house! And check out the view -it resides alongside a large park with great views of downtown Pittsburgh in the distance.
The second house could be home to Mrs. Havisham..... a little mysterious....
A small English country manor house plunked down in the city of Pittsburgh? I love that it seems to be all original: tile roof, beautiful stone facade, leaded glass windows; the whole package.This was always my favorite house to walk by; so charming and eccentric. The crooked gate post just adds to the overall affect I think!
Sorry the pictures aren't better, but it was FREEZING cold outside so they were taken from my car! Have a great day, everyone!