Monday, September 14, 2015

Details of St. Paul's Cathedral

Everyone knows of St Paul's Cathedral in London even if they have not visited (like me). The huge domed structure was designed by one of England's great architects, Sir Christopher Wren,  in 1708 and still stands as the seat of the Bishop of London.
The immense Baroque Cathedral stands tall at 365 feet over the city, seen in this image above from Wikipedia. Until 1965 it was the tallest building in all of London!
Of course everyone associates the Cathedral with the 1964 movie (my favorite!) Mary Poppins.  It was a major tourist destination to Jane and Michael Banks and remains a hot spot in the city to this day.
Oscar winning actress Jane Darwell at 84 years of age depicted the lovable Bird Woman who sold food for pigeons from the steps of St Paul's.

Did you cry? I always do -love that song. Anyway -back on track here - we're here to discuss the details of St. Paul's. The writers may have been influenced to write the song based on said details!
Among the many sculptures decorating the facade are many depicting birds, food, and even mother birds feeding their young (seen above).
The details can get lost in such an impressive structure -above is the front entrance.
Even the rear or Apse of the Cathedral features elaborate ornament.
Birds and cherubs, birds and cherubs -the next Disney song?
Notice the birds above under the cornucopia of produce.
No birds here but plenty of winged cherubs.
Read more about "Feed the Birds" and the connection to St Pauls on their own website HERE.
Thanks as always to my Australian Pen-pal Neil for the gorgeous snapshots!