Monday, August 8, 2011

Hamptons Designer Showhouse: Tilton Fenwick

As I mentioned last week, my favorite rooms at the Hamptons Designer Showhouse were in the most unexpected places. One of these was the basement family room done by the noted interior decorators at Tilton Fenwick that have been in the press so much since opening shop in 2010.

While the layout of the room was a bit strange, set up for cocktail parties I presume, every object in it was so exquisite -something I would want for my own house.

The room lies at the rear of the house with the pool terrace above and unfortunately faces a gravel courtyard and tall stone wall. With a layered room this beautiful though, who needs to look out?

The first thing that struck my eye were these green velvet armless sofas -the most delectable pieces of furniture! I really wanted to sprawl out on one but it just didn't seem polite!

The turquoise opaline lamp in the corner livened up what would have otherwise been an awkward little alcove.

This horn covered chair was really striking, and the upholstery was really interesting - I think it might have been an outdoor fabric? It looks like mohair until you touched it. I loved the colorful collection of national geographics below the console.

This pretty corner bookcase brought a touch of whimsy to the space and I felt, connected it to the pool outside with the canopied top.

In the corner of the room was a simple bookcase piled high with drinks and snacks -perfect for a party, especially those salty pretzels!

The other side of the room had a lovely cabinet in the most beautiful wood tones.

They not only took on the family room, but also the adjacent powder room. What could have easily become a throw away space (in terms of design) took center stage with a beautiful patterned wallpaper with contrasting red mirror. Hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more from this talented duo!