Wednesday, April 8, 2015

That touch of black; contrast

Continuing the conversation from last week (Shades of Umber at the Thyssen-Bornemisza HERE) another direction to go in an art gallery are black walls as seen here at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne.
My Australian Penpal sent these to me -what do you think?  I'm a fan of black (these almost look to have a blue tint to them in the lighting) as I think it shows all images in sharp contrast. Even at the small scale of these photographs the paintings are instantly recognizable and in sharp detail thanks to the black background.
I hate the 'trend' (I even hate the word) for black walls in the home but I think in a gallery or retail space it's a brilliant idea. I wouldn't have kept the same black background here at ArchitectDesign for 9 years if I didn't think it worked!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Springland Lane Garden Tour: Cleveland Park Historical Society

Adjacent to Cleveland Park is a little wooded area which when one enters feels like the street that Washington forgot.  Springland Lane and the beautiful houses and gardens which have grown into it is a tiny alcove nestled just north of Cleveland Park that until recent times was a farm and vineyard (right near the heart of the city!). On May 23, 2015 the Cleveland Park Historical Society is cohosting a garden tour of the area which is an exclusive look not just at the 16 pretty houses and private gardens but a look at the not too distant agricultural past of the neighborhood. Tickets are available on the website HERE - I hope to see you there!