Friday, June 23, 2017

The Jazz Age; Cooper Hewitt

I was in NYC a few weeks ago and went to a fascinating exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt design museum that is a must for any design lover: The Jazz Age.
A time of great change with quickly changing technology, growing democracy around the world, equal rights for women, etc. the jazz age opened up a whole new world of design in all sectors.
This exhibition by the Smithsonian's Cooper Hewitt is housed in their NY museum; the Andrew Carnegie mansion on the upper east side.
One can't describe the Jazz age without its music and Josephine Baker, an American who took Paris by storm. She created the soundtrack for the jazz age.
 Chanel was the couturier to the era.
 The time period was known for jewels. See Gloria Swanson's diamond bracelets above.
Cocktails were all the rage, even in perfume.  This little bar was for mixing your own home fragrance!
 Smoking was huge for both sexes and the accoutrement got the jazz age treatment.
 Cartier defined the jewelry of the era.
The architecture of the time was streamlined and reflected not only the industrialization of the era but also its music.
 Art was seen from new vantage points - we were flying and looking down upon the world (and the Eiffel Tower).
Myron Herrick was responsible for bringing European design into the United States. Here he is seen in his splendid Laszlo portait.
 The intricacy of many of the items on display and the lighting is pretty wonderful.
Marjorie Merriweather Post was in on the Jazz Age too at her Florida Mansion Mar-a-lago. This desk was part of her bedroom suite designed by Paul T Frankl and was included in the sale of the mansion but sold off by the Trumps in the 1980s.
 No hotel in New York epitomizes the glamour of the Jazz age like the Carlyle hotel where I stayed.
While the rooms have been thoroughly updated the lobby still reflects its' Jazz Age roots; one almost expects Fred Astaire to tap by.
Don't miss out on The Jazz Age, open until August 20, 2017 at the Cooper Hewitt design museum.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Out East: Houses and Gardens of the Hamptons

Just in time for summer living Vendome Press is releasing Out East, the houses and gardens of the Hamptons, by noted author Jennifer Ash Rudick.  This beautiful book covers all the bases from modern beach shacks to more formal homes. If you don't find your dream Hampton's pad in this book you're not looking hard enough!
The relaxed vibe found in all 30 of the houses with open windows and cool breezes have me longing for a little away time myself.
The houses that appeal to me the most have a relaxed European casualness that embrace outdoor living without giving up any creature comforts.
Of course my preference is for the more traditional houses in the book with an eclectic 'real' mix of furnishings that highlight the personality of the owner (not designer).
And my favorite room in the entire book is this lovely screened porch found in a charming house designed by David Netto;  I could park myself here for days with a stack of books and pitcher of iced tea. Imagine riding out a rainstorm here too; perfection.
 And I can't forget the gorgeous gardens in the book;  Afterall that's what summer living is all about!
Thanks to Vendome Press for this book with lovely photographs by Tria Giovan, this is one not to miss!