Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Dinner

This past weekend, I hosted Easter dinner for six and thought I would share it with all of you via the weekly Tablescape Thursdays at Between Naps on the Porch.
I was tired of the white tablecloths I have, so I went to Pottery Barn and got this beautiful tan paisley cloth. It has tiny specs of green in the pattern that match the green linen napkins I already had.
I used my white sanssouci plates for the main course (roast lamb and vegetables) with some pretty antique plates by Ernst Wahliss with a red floral pattern for the salad course (waldorf salad).
The serving pieces are an antique pattern by Minton that I rarely get to use as they're so big! I dream of having a dining room someday so I can hang that huge platter on the wall!
I chose 2 small bunches of ranunculus on either end of the table, leaving the main course as the center of attention (family style).
I had to have a fun party favor to embaress my guests with. These candy suckers in the shape of a bunny snout will come in handy for ransom someday as I insisted each guest had their picture taken 'wearing' them!
I hope you enjoyed my Easter dinner tour!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Look up!

While visiting the cherry blossoms this past weekend, I dropped into my favorite building on the National Mall, the Freer Gallery. In the main entry hall, I had to stop to take a picture of the most beautiful plaster coffered ceiling I've ever seen. So intricate, but I think the plain white keeps it from being too busy.
The unusual round bronze chandelier breaks up the straight lines of the ceiling admirably. Next visit to the National Mall, stop into the Freer. If not to see the beautiful building, stop to see a gorgeous collection of Asian arts as well as select pieces from the Aesthetic Movement (including Whistler's famous Peacock Room!)

Monday, April 5, 2010

End of the blossoms

This past weekend saw the last of the famous cherry blossoms here in Washington. Despite that, the crowds must have been record breaking as I've never seen so many people. Lets blame the gorgeous weather!
At the top you saw the Washington Memorial reflected in the tidal basin, surrounded by the beautiful pink blossoms. On the mall across from the Jefferson memorial, many families had set up picnic blankets: such a great idea!
Sadly, the primary walkway surrounding the Tidal Basin seems to have structural problems and will hopefully be fixed in the upcoming year. Signs posted occasionally warned of that fact. The walk is sinking into the water! See it dip down into the basin on the right hand side?
Here is a pretty closeup of a cherry blossom branch. I think I like the end of the cycle best, when some green leaves are grown for contrast.
I think everything is prettier when framed by the blossoms. This year, fewer paddle boats seemed to be out on the water, despite the beautiful weather, but you see one above.
The Roosevelt memorial, probably my favorite here in DC, was a little less crowded than other parts of the Tidal Basin. The quote from Roosevelt above reads:
Men and Nature must work hand in hand. The throwing out of balance of the resources of Nature throws out of balance also the lives of men.
One of the many fountains. If you haven't been to the Roosevelt Memorial, make sure your first visit is at night or dusk, when it is dramatically lit through the water.
Weeping cherry blossoms or just heavy branches?!
While not a cherry blossom, I couldn't resist taking a photograph of this stunning tree's bloom. Does anyone know what this is?
I hope you enjoyed my photographs!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone who celebrates Easter has a magnificent day! Cherry blossoms are just on their last legs here in Washington as you can see above. Beautiful weather though which brought out tremendous crowds to the Tidal Basin yesterday. Picture above shows the Jefferson Memorial through the cherry blossoms.