Saturday, April 5, 2008

a good idea

I got this idea from a Martha magazine back at some point. I took one flower ( ranuculous ) from the arrangement on my coffee table and placed it in a budvase in my bathroom. It's such a nice thing to look at while I get ready in the morning and brings some life into my cold looking bathroom!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

first entry!

The first entry for favorite china is from my friend at PVE! She writesthe all white

Attached, my everyday china is Royal Copenhagen china, white plain, and we have used it everyday for nearly 20 years! I love the shape and white looks good with everything.
I also have the Blue Half Lace and love it, just a few pieces, not an entire set, but I have picked up some over the years at sales for a song. I love it with white or color, solid yellow, pale pink, red, or silver. I love anything Royal Copenhagen, take a look at the site, now I love also all black shine which is chic.

I've always loved this blue and white pattern as well! Like she mentions it mixes so well with other pieces so is a fun one for mixing and matching. I have a teacup in this pattern but really don't have much blue & white -i need to work on that!

The perfect cut

So often here in 'the states', I feel men do not know how to dress correctly. Ill fitting suits seem to be the biggest complaint I have (especially here in DC!) other than undershirts peeping through dress shirts and WHITE SOCKS (the horror!!).
This is how a suit is SUPPOSED to fit. Fitted but not tight, with 1/2"-1" of sleeve showing - perfect!via the sartorialist


One of my favorite mass marketers is William Sonoma Home. Their collections are high quality for a reasonable ( but still high-end) price and it's a great mix of traditional and modern pieces with great lines. Recently on their website I saw under the sale items these Fretwork tables.
Growing up, my parents had 2 sidetables and a coffee table that looked exactly like these ( and I always though were so 70's ) that many many childhood accidents surrounded and so I always hated them -but these aren't so bad really. Are they back from the 70s? Do my detestations of this fretwork stem from childhood injuries or just genuine dislike now I wonder??? It's an existential crisis!!
I would prefer them if they were lacquered black, white, or some bright color ( kelly green, chinese red? ) but hey, since I'm not buying them anyway what do I care. Big markdowns though, I guess they're not very popular with other people either!

Check them out ONLINE and other sales as well! While there check out this SERIOUSLY stylish Essex Dresser! which would go very well with my cartier clock ( see below! )

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I think this clock is the most chic thing I've ever seen! If anyone wants to buy me a VERY extravagant gift, I would be a very very happy guy ;-) The blue matches my eyes, it was made for me! LOL I can always dream, can't I?

You can find it on EBAY. Yes -those are DIAMOND encrusted hands!

The price reminds me of a line from one of my favorite movies:
"GURRRL, you could have gotten a SATURN for that!"
QUIZ: name that movie!!!!

Architectural Digest

the foyer -you know I love a foyer

There has been a lot of bashing in the blogosphere about Architectural Digest lately and it makes me sad. I understand the point of what bloggers are saying that the homes featured have no personality -but in my opinion it is because it's called ARCHITECTURAL digest for a reason. It's not called 'interior design homes'. The focus here is on the interior ARCHITECTURE ( right up my alley! ). I always think these are what the homes look like before being turned over to the owners.the library - BEAUTIFUL couches and love the mouldings!

To prove my point about how fabulous this magazine is and maybe sway some opinions here is a home featured in this month's issue, April 2008.

2 images of the living room -i love the tall ceilings, french doors and the mirrored console table!

This is a Neoclassical townhome in Belgravia neighborhood of London for a young couple ( who obviously have beaucoup bucks! ). Interior design by Grant White.
guestroom sitting area - can i visit??!! I love this fireplace, parsons desk and mirrored screens!
The interiors were restored and also brightened up considerably I'd imagine. How can you not LOVE this house??
the master bedroom -got me again with the beautifully mirrored nightstand and that coffee table! Sigh for a fireplace!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I used to like Dwell magazine but then felt it was getting a little too generic. This article however made me change my mind. Check out this remodeled Barn!online at

Monday, March 31, 2008

Fred and Ginger

ginger's "skirt"

I generally dislike Frank Gehry -there I said it. I do agree that his buildings' form in the past 10 years are unique and stunning but after seeing the documentary about him and his way of working and his blatant love of publicity(more suited to britney spears ) I really dislike him and think he gives architects a bad name. He may bring architect's closer to 'art' but I think his connection to what a REAL architect is is thin at best. He gives the impression to the general public not associated with architects ( and other designers as well ) that architecture is play and 'drawing pretty pictures'. The fact that his part of the process is crinkling a piece of paper and then getting the credit is a little bit unnerving to me. However.......that being said.....My love of old movies and the sheer whimsy of this apartment building in Prague really speak to me. I love the fluid lines and how easy it is to read Fred grasping Ginger and twirling her around the dancefloor. One of these days I'll get to Prague to admire it ( then later talk about how over-rated Frank Gehry is! ).
close up of 'fred'

Sunday, March 30, 2008

True Love

To start out the week, I thought I'd post a lovely song from one of my favorite movies, High Society. Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly