Monday, June 6, 2016

Classic Cars of DC

Memorial day weekend I stopped down on the national mall to check out the Paul Mellon exhibit at the National Gallery of art (Spectacular, please do yourself a favor and see it before it closes in September 18, 2016).
As I was leaving the national gallery I was in time to see the start of the national memorial day parade.
 A number of classic cars were assembled to drive some Vets as the head of the parade.
I had to stop to take some pictures of these beauties and talk to their proud owners (many of them vets themselves!).
I posted a number on Instagram and they proved so popular I thought I would share some on the blog as well.
 The cars were popular and despite the weather there were a lot of gawkers checking them out.
 I wish cars today had as much thought put into the details. The hood ornaments were fantastic.
 Packards, Cadillacs, all of the most popular American cars of the day were represented.
 All were immaculately restored, inside and out.
 The interiors had gorgeous leathers, shiny metals, and real wood trim.
And a reminder of why we call the storage compartment a trunk; cars as late as the 40s still had actual trunk racks!
 This hood ornament was all about speed.
I may not be a car fanatic (I don't even own one as a city dweller) but I am a self-professed design addict!
 Love the setting : classical architecture on the national mall. Below is the John Russell Pope designed National Gallery of art.
 The garden behind the yellow stunner below is the National Gallery of Art's sculpture garden.
 This car brought a trunk along!
 Even this handle was the product of great design.
 And why not monogram your own car? Go for it ESW!
Hope you enjoyed these classic cars!