Friday, March 14, 2008


The weekend is here -time to jump for joyFred Astaire and Rita Hayworth

and party like it's 1999!!
Audrey Hepburn in breakfast at tiffanys

Enjoy the spring weather!

Where you live

I think most people take the places they live for granted. You soon get used to any beauty or amenities your town has to offer and basically ignore them. As you probably know I live in Washington, DC. Like most people I live in my own little bubble, see the same things everyday and never really think about what I'm seeing. This is a beautiful city! a park near my neighborhood

I just want to urge everyone to take a fresh look at your surroundings - appreciate what you have! Here are some photos of Washington's 'off the beaten track ' places that I see pretty often but never really LOOK at.

I pass this fountain on my way home from work pretty often

this dock is about 1 block from my office!

Parker Posey!!

One of my favorite actresses will be gracing the small screen this fall! Parker Posey will be in a new tv show on FOX - read about it online at FOX . Watch for it!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

White Bathrooms

Is there anything better than a White Bathroom? Marble, tile, whatever - white is clean, refreshing and classic; It will never look dated.

Refreshing and bright in the morning, clean and calming after a long hard day; this is the REAL spa-like look. For interest a wall pattern or color can be fun!

All these gimmicky bathrooms with colored glass tiles, weird bowl sinks, funky woods and colors will simply be the powder blue toilets of the future!! Call me old-fashioned! Look at these beautiful spaces:

Of course one can play a bit with powder rooms: thats the space for drama - but not the day to day bath. But white plumbing fixtures are a must! Just my 2 cents

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Doors of the World!!

doorway in Barcelona, Sarria neighborhood

So I found out via Pigtown that a lot of the blogging community is doing a 'doors of the world' post today and thought I'd share a few of my finds!

Palacio de Velazquez in Madrid - 3 doors -which one to go into???

3 doorways from the Palaccio Reale in Naples, Italy - love the pompeian door!
doorway of a beautiful temple in Portland, Oregon

cute shutters on the doors of Grey Towers, Milford, PA
Infamous Mussolini front entry in Naples, Italy - notice that it opens out onto a busy intersection -watch that first step!!

3 doorways found in the Casa Batllo in Barcelona

Is Couture dead?

I say NO, even if the good stuff isn't very inventive. While I'm not really mr. fashion -I do subscribe to W and enjoy a good fashion photograph from time to time and just enjoy beautiful things in general. The recent Paris fashion shows were so spectacular that word of them even reached my ears!
Recently while reading coco&kellys blog, I came across a rundown of the Alexander Mcqueen show. I was instantly reminded of Cecil Beaton's work and the movie 'My fair lady'. These clothes are beautiful -and while I'm not sure of their wearability ( where do normal people wear clothes like this? Prom, weddings perhaps? ) I am sure they are beautiful. If you like the show there are some things here I think you could take away from it for everyday life other than the flats shown on the models as opposed to heels.

Assymetry but balanced:
THIS is how to do feathers, Christian ( of project runway fame )
silver and blue -spectacular. The silver reminds me of the old hollywood look Ralph Lauren was promoting last year

Princess Skirts ( A-line ):
the feathers are a bit odd, but I love the red shoes and the lines of the fun, flirty dress

a little longer than the other parts of the collection - would work better at knee length I think.
Such beautiful embroidery -love the coat and slippers
I can't tell if I love or hate the print.....

Empire waists:
the model has beautiful posture. Woudln't this be a beautiful wedding dress on a beach?
The Sari just makes this, ya know?

Roman gowns:
Hidden by the russian military coat, but I'm sure it's delicious!
I even like the poufey coat thing!

I'm not usually a fan of leggings -but they really work in this collection!

I love this assymetrical sweater coat with the emboidery. This headwrap is really pretty and warm looking!
I think her arms would get cold -but hey, you loose 50% of your body heat through your head!

This fur is SO chic. I hate the plaid leggings ( Wicked witch of the north, anyone? )and that hair needs some therapy PRONTO

This coat is adorable! And ermine -so luxurious :-)

And of course, McQueen being McQueen - he had to take it a little over the top. This coat so reminds me of the coat Audrey Hepburn wears over her gown in the Ballroom scene in My Fair Lady. Beautiful and DRAMATIC

Tuesday, March 11, 2008