Tuesday, January 20, 2015

More of heaven - La Quinta Resort 2

After my last post HERE I actually downloaded a few pictures I took with an actual camera and they featured details my previous post, featuring images from my cellphone, didn't capture.
 As I mentioned the grounds and gardens are immaculate and stunningly beautiful. One thing we didn't need was an umbrella -not even these amazing Senz Automatic Passion Umbrellas- which you can find at thestore.com. My preference is for Passion Red!
 Views of the mountains are found throughout the resort.
I mentioned that Frank Capra was a long time resident of the resort; he lived in the above bungalow with his wife each summer. A plaque and garden bench commemorate them.
This fun courtyard shown above surrounded by a few casitas is available for events; notice the strings of lights hanging over the space.
While most of the resort is lush and green this interesting desert garden above reminds one that we are in the desert after all!
I love how the fruit trees feature white painted bark about 30" high. While this has practical advantages against pests and also keeping the barks from splitting through the temperature differentials, it creates a beautiful contrast against the grass.
 Almost every tree was a citrus tree. It was citrus season during my visit and wonderful fresh fruit was available everywhere!
The newer structures feature great details just as in the older casitas. Notice the Spanish tiled steps and roofs.
 The turquoise shutters pair so well with the blue sky.
 The main clubhouse features a lot of common spaces and restaurants.
This fire in the main lobby is kept constantly burning with fragrant mesquite wood; a great place to spend a chilly evening with a glass of wine.
Even though they were past their prime ENORMOUS fragrant roses were to still be found throughout the resort.
 For those not interested in swimming pools or golf, the spa is a great way to spend a day.
The primary garden features numerous tiled water features so that you're never far away from the music they provide.
 Did I mention mountain views?
 This pool, one of 41, was where I spent most of my time as it was literally out my front door.
 Details wait around each corner.
I loved that some of the tiles featured paw-prints -just driving home the fact that they are handmade.
Ever thoughtful, wifi and cellphone repeaters are to be found dotted around the resort so that one can stay connected. Notice the palm tree above? It took me a few days but I finally realized these fake palm trees hide amongst the real ones providing the data to which we are all addicted!