Friday, February 10, 2012

A perfect Games Table

The purpose of my trip to NY this past weekend was to shop for a project. One of my favorite furniture companies is Theodore Alexander, whom I have blogged about many times in the past from my trips to Market (headed back this spring, who will be there? Let me know). In their showroom at ABC Home and Carpet (arguably my favorite spot in NY) I came across this William and Mary styled games table that really took my breath away. The standard Theodore Alexander high quality is there but the charm of the piece is what got to me. The fretwork on the cabinet, the practical drawers, the turned legs and the ogee x stretcher -could this be any cuter? The top has a sliding component with a chess/checkers board on one side and a gorgeously tooled leather top on the other: Underneath is a backgammon set. The 2 drawers are generously sized to hold a variety of other games. Put this one on my wish list, please! What do you think?
No, this is not a paid advertisement but if Theodore Alexander wanted to send one or two of these my way I wouldn't argue!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Architectural wedding cake

While in New York this weekend I came across this early skyscraper similar to ones you find all over the country in major cities. While the building type was still new, architects struggled with how to deal with these taller buildings in a traditional/ classical manner. Here this vaguely classical building resembles an architectural wedding cake with many different layers topped with a gilded cupola. Don't get me wrong -I love buildings like this but when you stop to think about them they are rather amusing. On to real cakes; I passed this bakery, Empire Cake, and was blown away by this wedding cake on display which reminded me of the building above. Daisies are my favorite flower and their informal use here on the yellow background was just too pretty to not capture on my camera phone!New York always holds a few surprises for you.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


While in New York this past weekend, I stopped into a grand building at the corner of 8th avenue and 14th street.The building in question is now a CVS pharmacy but started life as a bank. This type of repurposing has become common recently as churches become restaurants and banks apparently become pharmacies. You may remember my recent POST on the Gordon Biersch restaurant here in DC in an old bank as well.While I'm glad to see beautiful old buildings getting a 2nd life rather than meeting with the wrecking ball, I have to question the number of bland branch banks (every street corner in many cities including here in DC) when beautiful old structures sit vacant.This definitely is the most beautiful CVS ever built and even had great new lighting. What examples of repurposed buildings are near you?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Floorplan fun

During a quick trip to New York this weekend, I stopped into one of my favorite stores in the city, Fishs Eddy. They carry a pattern of dishes and products with different designs of floorplans; small studio apartments on small plates and palatial apartments on platters. Mugs have section drawings; the perfect gift for every architect or designer on your list! I first became aquainted with the pattern last year when a client would carry her renovation plans in the matching tote bag and they then proved to be very popular Christmas gifts from me!
See the entire collection HERE.