Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Broadleys by Voysey

While at an estate sale this past weekend I came across an interesting little boxed set of 1/2 sheets of paper showcasing highlights of Western Architectural history. A sort of 1960s version of pinterest (do you follow me on pinterest?). One of these sheets was a vintage photograph and plan of  house Broadleys by the architect Voysey, the sheet seen below. You may remember I blogged about another Voysey house, Upmeads, last year which was actually pretty similar in that it had an efficient, tight floorplan and was loacted out in the country.
As I did with a number of the projects I wasn't familiar with (mainly cathedrals and palaces) I looked Broadleys up online. Not only is the house still extant but it  is open to the public as a short-term rental or bed and breakfast! I came across a website listing a number of similar British Arts & Crafts houses that were also operating as bed and breakfasts HERE. What an incredible opportunity to not only go to house museums while you travel but to stay in one as well! The internet is full of dangerous ways to spend money.
A number of other interesting drawings popped up of Broadleys as well such as this cartouche in the collection of the V&A.
This charming postcard caught my eye as well not only because of the beautiful rendering but it also included the 2nd floor plan. And so one falls down the rabbit hole of the internet.... Whats caught your eye lately? Get 10% sitewide when you shop at Access Hydroponic. Valid until November 2013!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Estate sale mystery find

This past weekend I attended a few interesting estate sales and picked up a lot of 'treasure'! One pair of items though remains somewhat of a mystery to me and thought maybe someone would have some background. This unusual pair of macabre tree trunk vases appear to be quite old , perhaps Victorian period? Google searches turned up nothing other than a few Belleek vases but they did not have the unusual root 'legs'.  Has anyone seen a vase like this before?
 This extremely faint mark was hard to read and photograph - appears to be a serial number?
I also picked up this rather worn mahogany sidechair with tired damask upholstery. The wood has beautiful detailing but needs some conditioning.
Stay tuned for the reupholstered after in the coming weeks!