Monday, April 28, 2014

Classical Invention on the Hudson River by John Murray

Architect John Murray is no stranger to most style-minded classicists after his monograph,' Classical Invention', flew off shelves and onto design bookshelves everywhere. I recently heard him speak through our local chapter of the ICAA and his intelligence and beautiful work go hand in hand.
While flipping through the most recent issue of New Old House magazine I came across a renovated country house Murray completed on the Hudson River that made me feel instantly at home. Murray enhanced the existing house in such a way that one doesn't know what is old and what is new, one only knows that it is RIGHT.
 The floorplan is a dream come true for most of us I would imagine; The only thing missing is the river view!
 French casements open completely to bring in the river views and air. The century old beams are the only decoration needed architecturally, interior designer Sam Blount provided the rest.
 The kitchen has all of the modern amenities of a new house and the charm of the old house.  Again I love the french casements!
The screened porch can be used year round. And what is a screened porch without ceiling fan and sky-blue beadboard ceiling?  This definitely ranks among my country house dreams -how about yours?
All photographs by Durston Saylor from New Old House magazine, Spring/Summer 2014