Friday, June 13, 2014

Carmel cottage

I came across this cottage while in Carmel, California and immediately thought it was the perfect little beach cottage. A field of lavender for a front yard, climbing roses up a brick chimney, an American flag waving by the front door, wide casement windows to hear the ocean - what more could one ask for?

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Artefact design and salvage, Sonoma

I recently returned from a vacation to Northern California and while I organize my thoughts & photos I thought I'd share with you Artefact Design & Salvage. Artefact is a store that I came across in Sonoma thanks to a recommendation from my good friend, designer Michael Hampton.
Housed in a small district of warehouses near the Sonoma airport, the immense store carries all manner of re-purposed salvage and a lot of other quirky finds.
 One could spend hours browsing their stock and reading through the offered design books of local talent.
One will of course be greeted by Axel, the trusty store mascot! A playful dog, he will demand you play with him and his favorite toy bucket. Beware.....should you attempt to play with him, Axel and his bucket will follow you throughout the store no matter the length of your visit!
The goodies continue outside in the yard - I particularly loved this stone urn.
 This child's sled would be a charming planter or great for Christmas decorating.
 Looking for column capitals; How about a matching pair of enormous Corinthians?
 The closer you look the more you find; architectural fragments are everywhere!
This metal dormer is the real thing -often copied for use as mirror frames or such inside.
 Notice the unusual Egyptian column integrated into the wall above.
 I wish I could have packed these dozens of feet of huge Gothic revival trim into my suitcase!
 This ornate iron gate must have come from a grand estate.
 The design of this iron guardrail was probably one of the more inspiring finds.
I'm not sure how this enormous stone 'coin' from Philadelphia made it to the wilds of California but I imagine it would be great integrated into someone's vineyard!
If you find yourself in wine country don't forget to stop by Artefact and tell them ArchitectDesign sent you!
No compensation was received for this post: the pictures are my own.