Saturday, May 17, 2008

3 generations

For some weekend fun, I thought I would post this picture of me as a young boy with my grandma: in the background is a portrait of my mother. A reader had requested a picture of my mom to see her likeness to one of John Currin's paintings which you can read about HERE. This was as close as I have here -but i think you can see the similarities to the portrait -plus this is just a cute picture! My grandma passed away just last year and she was very special to me and she was just so cute!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Weekend Organization!

ahhhhhh, organization :-) no, this is not my apartment, but it will be close enough SOON!

Well, last night I accomplished something I've been talking about for over a year now: I got my storage unit ORGANIZED! Yes, I have shelves. Things are on the shelves and in a relative order! I can now get my suitcase out of my storage unit without removing 10 other items and the fear of being crushed to death by a tottering pile of STUFF!
this is not my house, thank god (especially as I do not habituate mcdonalds) but this is the same storage system I have that I LOVE. My drawer fronts are wood, not blue but I've left all the shelving free of the ugly doors except for one small cube. I'll post pictures next week!

Now this weekend will be the task of reorganizing my closets and getting rid of 2 drawers on my storage system that can be either a dresser or bookshelf depending how you utlize it. More shelf space for books and magazines that currently are seeping out of the seems of my apartment. Wish me luck!!
something along the lines of this level of organization is what I'm hoping for by the end of the weekend!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


singin' in the rain - the classic umbrella movie

Recently in one of my favorite little shops to pop into here in dc, TABLETOP, I came across these WONDERFUL umbrellas unlike anything I had seen before. Not bulky and cheaply made in basic boring colors but beautiful prints and colors with marvelously elegant, thin, leather covered handles. They are from a company called PARE umbrellas out of Seattle (how fitting!).
this one is 'sonnet' -i think the white handle is very lady-like
'mia' -this one is fun!
Umbrellas (and also parasols) used to be used as fashion accessories. My grandparents had a collection of all sorts of really cool old umbrellas to match the occasion and their outfit -all so frail though now that they were falling apart and couldn't be used anymore unfortunately. These days you are lucky to get an umbrella that isn't boring black and that will last more than 4 uses! Pare is there to change that!
'mod-leaf' - a contendor for my favorite!

the unusually shaped square 'trixie'
The founder was inspired by one of my all-time favorite movies, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg!!! Anyone inspired by a classic old movie is all-right in my book!
movie posters from the umbrellas of cherbourg
the beautiful Catherine Deneuve in her mother's umbrella shop - check out those handles.....on the umbrellas, you pervert!!!

While she designs these umbrellas as works of art for women -I think a few of the designs are suitably unisex, right? I especially like THIS black striped one called de fafa - green is nice though too!
So one of these days when you see me with a super stylish umbrella, now you'll know why! A life worth living is found in the details, afterall! (yes, you may quote me on that!)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dining room

Just for Loda, I thought i'd post this really pretty PINK dining room from Larry Laslo via desire to inspire -one of my favorite blogs with tons of daily eye candy! I know Loda will LOVE this dining room! While generally I am not a pink fan, I love the overall use of this color as an ALMOST neutral tone. Those chairs are fantastic, as is the bench against the wall and the beautifully framed photography. This room has great basic bones too - high ceilings, glamorous chandelier, beautiful mouldings and a round dining table. Great for a dinner party!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Charlotte Moss

I love Charlotte Moss. I'm sure everyone else has seen her back courtyard of her house on the Upper East Side, but I hadn't till recently. At first I thought it was the courtyard of her 5 floor store, but it's not (I can't wait to finally get to NY to see her new store!) I came across it here in New York Magazine's home design section.

I love the symmetry of the overall design, the fireplace and that beautiful green painted Trellis. Green is the new black, people! That oversized lantern is FANTASTIC too and the windows on her house are really beautiful! That trellis'd area is such a cozy spot for dinner, drinks with friends or to enjoy the cool night air with a fire roaring! The whole backyard looks like from a townhouse in New Orleans, especially with those over-sized lanterns on the house.

One quote I loved from the article was that
"She’ll create a book of photographs for clients using their silver, china, and crystal arranged in different table settings, so they’re not afraid of their own belongings. Too many people fear entertaining, she says, “because they’re not ready. I do this for clients all the time. I love it. It’s the detail part.”"

Monday, May 12, 2008

she's baaaack!

........with her crazy outfits! Here is SJP doing promotion work in europe for the new S.A.T.C. movie!!! It's totally camp, but you have to love the greenish tutu and the CAH-RAZHY hat!!! Just a taste of crazy outfits to come in the movie I'm sure! Only 18 days, I can't wait!!!image via perez

beautiful kitchen

I love this kitchen that I found on desire to inspire. It's from a website called SNAP-PRO which has images from houses in NYC available for rent. I love the modern kitchen combined with the elegant old house. Love the open shelving and the colors of white, pale blue and the wood countertop! so beautiful!