Friday, March 7, 2008

honey drops!

I LOVE honey. I generally have a teaspoon of it in my daily cupS of tea - I use a german summertime honey which is lighter than normal honey and much sweeter. Luckily I have honey provided at home and at work so I've never had a problem but this product was too cool to not share. I think it's basically dried honey into pretty little shapes that dissolve in your tea - NON STICKY. I'm always cleaning up a sticky honey spot somewhere.....anyways -just wanted to pass these along. Would be a great addition to a purse or office desk drawer!! I bet even just as a piece of candy it would be good.

The silver lining

image courtesy of Malinki - this fabric is beautiful, I love this blue and red together!!

Recently while browsing 'This is Glamorous''s blog, I came across an interesting post she did on Malinki. Malinki creates dress makers forms and upholsters ( is that even the correct term? ) them in vintage and beautifully patterned fabrics! This got me to thinking about colors and patterns in unexpected places. This really hits the philosphy of 'god is in the details' - it's the little things that matter!

Having a regular suit with a bright lining inside is super fashionable, unexpected and glamorous. Fred Astaire did it!
the incomparable style icon FRED ASTAIRE and a basic black coat with hot pink lining

Painting the back of a bookcase adds interest to a room and makes the objects on the shelves stand out
Lining the inside of your kitchen cupboards is an easy way to make you smile as you get your cereal bowl out. I did this in my last apartment's boring white kitchen with chinese red contact paper; contemplating the same thing in my current apartment as well but still am not sure....maybe another color or a patterned wallpaper with double stick tape?? (What do you think? Please let me know in the comments section or send me photos of examples you've seen.)

it was a super crappy kitchen as you can see, but the red inside the cabinets helped!

Once I decide and do something with my cabinets with my current NICE kitchen, I'll be sure to post a picture. Remember to give me ideas though!
courtesy of David Netto designs -a NOT crappy kitchen!

Having the inside of your closet wallpapered or painted a bright color will really make a room pop and create instant smiles! That is if you can see the walls of your closet unlike mine that is small and jampacked with clothes!
Lining the inside of a lampshade will not only make it POP, but if it's gold or silver foil will reflect the light!!
I bet these cupboards have color inside, at least they SHOULD!

These dress-maker details are what really makes a house a home, portray your personality and make a room POP! So often the lining or backing of things gets shafted: the cheapest materials, the most boring color and texture. Having an all-white kitchen with blue inside the cabinets is a lot more dramatic than having a blue kitchen with boring white insides of cabinets. One requires thought and intent, the other is just easy and boring. Just something to think about today.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


We don't give flowers enough as a culture, do we? I really need to put it on my list of things to do -become a flower giver. Think.....isn't it so exciting to be given flowers? Don't you feel special?

Well, this is my big thank you for my welcome home flowers I was given the other day coming back from Spain. Aren't they beautiful! Bright pink roses and bright orange gerber daisies -so cheerful and fresh :-) Spring is coming! Enjoy!

Project Runway

Ok -so I don't get the channel, but I've kept up somewhat on Project RUNAWAY and from special request from my good friend Loda, here is what I have to say......


I realize this is supposed to be 'haute couture' (*eye roll *) but come on people- these outfits from the final collection are HIDEOUS except for the ones from hunky HOT Rami. Just to prove my point......This is from Jillian's collection

The model is super pretty, don't you think? Like Grace Kelly, porcelain doll pretty, but even she can't save this creation!!! The weird sandals, the LEGGINGS ( ewwww ), the gauzey sleeves from a Shakespeare play and the rest of it looks like medieval chainmail. This does not look nice, doesn't enhance the wearer and is super uncomfortable looking. But the model - very pretty ( I think it's always important to say SOMETHING nice ).

This is an outfit from the winner's collection, Christian.

Something nice....umm -well, it's dramatic. Dramatic as in this is like what Big Bird's bride would wear on their wedding day. How itchy does this make you looking at this? And the hat at the jaunty angle makes me laugh...out....loud. This is like a caricature of French couture. This is a joke......I don't care what Posh Spice says......EWWWWWWWWWWWWW - the EWW heard around the world!! I wouldn't hate it as much if it wasn't from the 'winning' person. Never mind that he's a sqeaky toad and everytime I see him I think 'who's that girl?- oh - it's christian.........'

And just because I always like to leave on a positive note, here is an outfit from hotness himself, Rami. The model is perfect, love the headwrap, love the makeup, LOVE the gold. Love the simplicity, love the gold cuff. Love the asymetrical sleeve. If I were a woman -I would want to wear this on my wedding day. Yes, I love this look THAT much. PERFECTION

And just because I can't help myself -here is Rami. Sigh with me now............Don't you just want to lick it? Just a little??!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The other Boleyn Girl

Last night I saw a great movie, The Other Boleyn Girl. You might remember from history class about Anne Boleyn who was tried and killed by her husband who was on the quest for a male heir and disposing of wives who couldn't give that to him. Well, apparently there was ANOTHER sister, Mary, who was actually the mother of Queen Elizabeth ( the first - not the current queen ).
This movie is the tale of the lives of the two sisters. The acting is all in all pretty good, but Natalie Portman doesn't really come off evil enough to justify all the madness that ensues. Scarlett Johansen really does a great job though ( typecast anyone? ) of being the simple good-girl sister. The real stars of the movie though are the costumes. There are more costume changes in this movie than any other I've seen in as long as I can remember, each one more beautiful and jewel toned than the previous. They really POP against the background of Tudor England with all that drab weather and grey stone. Look for an Oscar Nom in a year for best costumes!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I'm back!

I'm back from Barcelona -it was fabulous! It's definitely an architect's city with tons of great modern and classical architecture. In the next few days I'll be putting together a few posts of some of the hightlights. Meanwhile -here is the Segrada Familia - which is still under contruction and was designed by Barcelona's favorite architect about a 100 years ago - Antonio Gaudi. It's really amazing and fun to see them at work rather than just a finished project. The views from the towers are amazing if a little scary! I don't think they'll finish in our lifetime but it's definitely still worth checking out - extremely impressive and intricate!