Monday, October 22, 2018

Interior Landmarks - Treasures of New York

 Everyone is familiar with the many landmarks of New York City, but thanks to Judith Gura and Kate Wood (courtesy of the Monacelli Press) we are all about to become familiar with the landmarked INTERIORS of the city. 
Since 1965 the New York City Landmarks Law has been protecting significant spaces across the city ranging from classical architecture to more unexpected masterpieces of the modern era.
This book includes 120 landmarks and their locations which can be used as an architectural tour guide of the city as most spaces are open to the public.
The projects range from the expected such as the Metropolitan Museum by Richard Morris Hunt seen below -
 To the lesser known such as the Loews Paradise Theater in the Bronx by John Eberson.
The re-release of this book includes updated information with new additions so that you can explore these landmarks for yourself.
I think a copy of this book is a must-have guide to the city with more interesting venues than the typical tourist guidebook but can also be used for more serious research. In a city that is constantly changing the struggle to preserve our architectural heritage is in more need of support than ever! Happy Reading!
All images courtesy of Larry Lederman and The Monacelli press