Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Grimsthorpe Castle

While the Mid-Atlantic digs itself out of our winter storm I thought I would share some pictures of a  warmer time sent to me by my Penpal Neil from his last trip to Great Britain.
Grimsthorpe Castle is a fascinating place that received a renovation by Sir John Vanbrugh in 1715, which was never completed, as well as gardens designed by Capability Brown in 1771.
The front elevation was renovated to Vanbrugh's baroque design but the sides of the castle were left with their much older facades left intact. It's like having a facelife but leaving your saggy neck alone!
The earliest parts of the castle date to the 12th century!  I'm sure Vanbrugh's extravagant designs were too costly to produce so the 1st Duke made due with a new front facade and entry hall.
Capability Brown was brought on by the 3rd Duke Ancaster to design the parkland around the house and to gracefully lead one into the nearby woodland.
 The front 'yard' is enclosed by gates and beautiful stone walls.
The guardhouses at the very front, seen above, are probably my favorite part. Imagine the views from their roofs!
 Brown designed many garden rooms and planted acres of roses and herbs.
The castle is open to tour a good portion of the year although no interior photography is allowed as the(scandalous) Lady Willoughby de Eresby is still in residence. Read more about planning your visit on their website.
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