Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hanging around DC

I've been a bad blogger this week with only 1 post, so I'll make up for that here with 2 photos I took this week. The first is a beautiful garden, ready for fall, in Cleveland Park. This quaint Victorian house is up on a little hill and I love how the plants get gradually taller (and more colorful) as they work their way up the embankment.
The 2nd photo I took on my favorite block of N street, across from the house with the rupunzel tower. I love how a very basic townhouse takes on a whole lot of character with great intricate brickwork patterns. Why don't we experiment with this more today? Also notice the bells and whistles up on the roof too. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Playing with Architecture

Where do you stand on playing with architecture; Akin to playing with fire? I don't mean quite the level of playfulness of Disney, but more like this little townhouse I came across in San Francisco.
A plain white stucco house but with some amazingly FUN grillwork; I love the use of color and playful shapes here. You know whoever lives here is definitely a character (in a good way!). Even these little dormers above the door, which I doubt are functional as they're so small, bring a lot of personality to the house. Playing with architecture has a fruitful history. Across the street from this very house is an example: Egyptian Revival, probably from the early 1920s. Don't tell me they weren't being playful! If you can't be playful with your own house, where can you?