Friday, September 8, 2017

Making House: Designers at Home

Book publishing season is upon us and it feels like everyday a great new design book hits the stands to devour! Rizzoli is about to release "Making House: Designers at Home"  by Dominic Bradbury which is one of those great peaks into our favorite designer's own homes -many that will surprise you!
Kelly Wearstler's Malibu house definitely fits into her aesthetic with these highly refined marble built-ins in her living room which are astounding. Wait until you see the adjoining fireplace!!!
The London home of textile designer Neisha Crosland is highly undecorated, which I love to see, and reflects her fun personality. Those double oak leaf chandeliers I want so badly!! Such a fun idea to upholster all of the dining room chairs differently too.
Italian architect Piero Lissoni's minimal home in Tuscany will soothe and calm your senses.  This metal staircase may be my favorite thing I've seen in awhile: simple yet elegant.  I wish our codes in the USA would allow an open rail!
Many of the designer's homes pictured are familiar to us but I love to see how they evolve over time. Case in point are both Miles Redd's NYC townhouse and Stephen Sill's Westchester country house which have been published multiple times.  There is always something new to see as the spaces are constantly changing as the owner's grow; these are the design laboratories of great minds.
Making House from Rizzoli is a great look at some of our favorite top talent's private spaces - it's human nature to be nosey, right?  Time to dive right in and see how they're living!
Photography in the book by Richard Powers