Saturday, September 13, 2008

speaking of baths: can't live without!

I always love to hear people's favs and try new things. My favorite part of any magazine is a section of people's '10 things I can't live without'. I love to then try out the new products! What do you have in your bath that you can't live without?
I love my daily shower: I am not a morning person and this really wakes me up and gives me energy till I get my first cup of tea and breakfast. This is a picture of my shower musts (taken in my shower this morning, we're getting personal here on architectdesign!)
I use Kiehl's amino acid shampoo -I love it. light, non greasy, great light scent - I follow up with kiehl's conditioner 133 -a great basic conditioner for people with dry hair like me. Doesn't leave any residue and leaves my hair soft (without a lot of fragrance!).
In warmer weather I use bath and body works coconut lime verbena bodywash -it reminds me so much of the beach and suntan lotion! The scent brings me to the beach everytime I use it. In the winter I use a St. Ives moisturizing body wash because of my dry skin- these are both inexpensive, smell great and work great.
I use a biore facewash -also inexpensive and does a great job. It has eucalyptus or something in it and tingles and smells great. I've used this since high school when a dermotologist recommended it. I decant it into this stainless steel container because I hate the ugly packaging it comes in. The last thing I want to see in the morning is an ugly package. I like a nice clean and simple presentation for my product, don't you?
Now tell me -what products do you use and love????

Friday, September 12, 2008


I think bathrooms are the most fun room to work on in a house. I'm currently working on a house's baths and it's just been so much fun. We're using the tub shown above (this one from house and garden) in the master bathroom with beautiful tumbled stone and working on some really fun tile patterns (multicolored penny rounds) in the children's bathrooms. Fun makes the day fly by! Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Look up

Sometimes, especially in classical architecture, surprises are hiding where you never see them, like above you! So pay attention to your surroundings - LOOK UP!

from the collection of NY public library
Baker Hall at Carnegie Mellon University

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just want to say....

I love Victoria Beckham's (POSH) new haircut, seen above on the right. Not to say I didn't like it before.
this is last week -intermediary
last year -the before. Thats all -nothing more here.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Celine Dion

I have a confession.....I have a weakness for Celine Dion. Wrap me up in sappy love songs and put a bow on top -I love it so much. The big voice, the ballads, the more fun dance / rock songs - all except 'my heart will go on'...I can do without that one. Sappy and over-played. Yes, your eyes are not playing tricks on you: she came out with a BIG ol' flappy cape that then was whipped off and floated all over the stage. Tres dramatic!
belting it out, Celine style
come hither, Celine, in a beautiful pink dress that was stunning on her

Celine put on an amazing concert last night, proving she is 'ze best zingah in ze vorld'!!! 6 outfit changes (one just for 'my heart will go on, which she ended on) and she looked BEAUTIFUL. I was surprised to see that she is pretty toned and fit -dancing all around the stage, doing yoga movies ala Madonna: Girl can stretch (and all in miniskirts and stilettos!!!) She had some pretty amazing dancers as well who made a lot of the songs a lot of fun.
The platforms all sort of went up and down, merry-go-round style
is that carol channing? No -thats celine in a short sparkly flapper dress! legs for miles!

The most interesting tidbit I learned was that Celine really loves her fans or at least wants us to think so (and she has some scarily devoted fans)!! At the end of putting on a 2 hour long concert with dancing, outfit changes, power ballads and looking amazing with no break, Celine walked out of the concert hall THROUGH the fans on the ground floor, shaking hands and giving hugs to 100s! Name another big-time performer who will do that. If you get a chance, definitely go see her show!

performing 'with' Andrea Boccellipulling out all the sappy stops for 'my heart will go on' -the last songHope these pictures give you somewhat of a glimpse of the concert - I had nosebleed seats!

Monday, September 8, 2008

National Building Museum

This Sunday was a beautiful day, following the storm Saturday. I walked over the the National Building Museum to see what was on exhibit (not much currently). The building is really spectacular though. Built in 1882-1887, as a fireproof US Pension Bureau’s headquarters ( for $250,000!), it had a 2nd use as a grand entertaining space for big functions, such as inaugural balls. The design was based on the Palazzo Farnese by Michelangelo (1589).
Wrapping the building on the exterior is a freize by Caspar Buberl to cemmemorate the civil warThe entire building is brick, even the large columns in the center hall that are covered in plaster and faux painted to resemble marble.