Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lily of the Valley

Rather than cut flowers this week, I got a lily of the valley from Trader Joes that came in this pretty little milk glass container for my coffee table. Hopefully I can nurse this for a few weeks -they're such a great sign of spring! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Window shopping

Even during our current financial 'situation' we can still window shop! On my walk home tonight I took a few photos of interesting antique stores in Georgetown. Now, I don't know why after 2 years of passing them at least twice a day I've never stopped in! They rearrange their windows almost daily with the most beautiful things! Lets take a closer look, shall we?Look at the pretty plates, are these meissen I wonder? The silver soup tureen is wonderful!At first I thought this was a shopkeeper giving me a disapproving worries, he's for sale too ( just a bust)!
I love this unusual bottle holder, very elegant, but those glasses are so SMALL! I suppose it's for port or other apperatifs?. And another store...... This one always has beautiful silver displayed.I love how they put little name plates by each item so you can learn what they are!I hope you enjoyed the free shopping trip :-)
holly tree by the rock creek parkway

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Janus et Cie party

Tonight after work I stopped by the opening party for Janus et Cie hosted by Architectural Digest in their new store on Cadys alley here in DC. I got there before the crowds luckily so was able to get a few shots of the beautiful store.
They had BEAUTIFUL spring flowers set up everywhere, a touch of spring even with todays blast of cold air!
Anne from LA was able to show us through the new product lines, really impressive! The furniture is all as well designed as could be desired!
I especially loved this set of table and chairs: I could see this inside or out, what do you think?
I loved the green orchids floating in the bowl too.In the center of the store is this huge atrium with fake greenery climing the walls. It's so beautiful! They had a live band in the atrium space playing, which was really nice (as well as the full bar!).
I've always loved these exterior daybeds - PERFECT for near a pool! Couldn't you spend all day in this? Anne told us that it's available in a full sized mattress as well!

If you find yourself in Georgetown check out their new store!! or online at Janus et Cie

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Walk home - spring is in the air

Tonight on my walk home I noticed something: flowers are in bloom! Crocuses and daffodils are everywhere! Did I miss the start of spring? Check out these masses of daffodils along the rock creek parkway!
I also took a few shots of this new condo building in the Foggy Bottom area - strange in DC for being so modern. You can see here that it ends in a SHARP point to the right - seriously it's a triangle. Those units must be really interesting inside, but I think this building is really successful on the whole! Just nice to mix it up a bit architecturally here in DC!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Heidelburg & the student prince

'The Student Prince' is a great operetta by Sigmund Romberg turned into a movie in 1954 featuring the voice of Mario Lanza. Set in Heidelburg, seen above today, it features a prince at the turn of the 20th century, raised to be a military leader, learning to love and be a normal man while attending college in Heidelburg. This movie is so fun, see the song below

Mario Lanza's voice is in full form for many of the songs which are beautiful, romantic and fun! check out the movie if you haven't seen it! Below is the beautiful Ann Blyth singing another fun drinking song that really picks up around the 1st minute. This is one of my favorite movies in my collection, I've included a link to buy it on my sidebar in case you're interested too! you won't regret it!