Friday, September 23, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Exotic Taste: Orientalist Interiors

Debuting this fall, along with a score of other delightful books, is "Exotic Taste: Orientalist Interiors" by Emmanuelle Gaillard from The Vendome Press.

Filled with incredible photography primarily by Marc Walters, the book showcases the love of exotic Eastern influences which began to inspire the Western world nearly 400 years ago.Orientalism came into fashion primarily in the 18th and 19th centuries when Western architects tired of the dominance of classicism and people longed for an escape from the everyday. Often times only a room was decorated in an exotic style to showcase a collection of porcelains or lacquerware, but occasionally you would see the emergence of a complete project, such as the Prince Regent's Chinese Inspired Royal Pavilion, seen below.

The book covers these and more, including art, fashion and the people it mesmerized such as Mark Twain, Russian Empress Catherine and Marie Antoinette's mother, Empress Maria Theresa (her own study seen in the top image).

Be sure to add this book to your Christmas wish list!

Monday, September 19, 2011

West Village shopping

While in New York the other week in the West Village I came across two stores which were just great experiences and so quintessential 'New York'.

First was 'The Meadow' which was a fascinating shop filled with an enormous collection of different salts in a rainbow of colors as well as chocolates, flowers and drink mixes: Delightful!

I bought an after dinner mint drink in a great vintage looking vial meant to aid digestion (but I really bought it for the cute bottle!). I was sorely tempted by the gorgeous flowers and all of the salts though! Did you have any idea so many types of salt existed?

Directly next door is a great little shop full of great gift ideas : Leo Design. How often do you find a vintage store with a decidely masculine aire rather than feminine? Every single item in this store I wanted to take home with me but thankfully (for my wallet) I came out empty handed. Be sure to stop by these 2 great shops next time you are in the village!

Leo Design is located at 543 Hudson Street

The Meadow is at 523 Hudson Street in NYC


3731 N. Mississippi Avenue in Portland, OR.