Thursday, June 19, 2014

Interesting lighting at Filoli

While in California I stopped by Filoli, a spectacular house museum that I have blogged about extensively in numerous posts HERE,  and noticed an unusual light fixture in the dining room.  The 'candles' of the sconces are torpedo shaped sleeves from which slits are hollowed out in the back to hide a much smaller bulb.
When one sees the fixture from afar they appear to be candle-lit sconces as no light bulb is visible but they still 'glow' providing ambient light.
Above you can even see how some of the sconces hold real candles while others hold the backlit torpedoes. I think I rather like this idea.  What about you, or is it trying too hard?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Legion of Honor Museum, San Francisco

While in San Francisco I visited one of my favorite museums which I see every trip to California, The Legion of Honor museum.  While on this trip I went primarily to see the newly restored Salon Dore and the coverage on its restoration, I was happy to revisit old favorites as well. (more on the Salon Dore in a later post).
This museum has everything going for it in my book; the architecture is modeled on the Hotel de Salm in Paris, the collections span everything from porcelain, Egyptian relics, decorative arts and paintings from the golden age of Europe, and the views of San Francisco and the bay from the hilltop location are stunning.
 The entry is a long procession between the gallery wings past one of Rodin's 'The Thinker' sculptures.
 Inside each gallery houses a different genre of art so there really is something for everyone!
Each gallery also has its own color scheme -the English Country house room is a striking red.
 One of the period rooms featured excellent natural wood and gilded boiseries.
The stunning Italian rock crystal chandelier dates to 1730 and was a gift to the museum from Madame Jacques Balsan, nee Consuelo Vanderbilt.
 I loved how the case protecting this lovely terra cotta lady allowed her to gaze upon herself in reflection.
 Rodin's works are to be found throughout the museum.
The most stunning item in the collection though has to be the polychromed Spanish wood ceiling from around 1500 - gasps are literally heard as one walks into the gallery.  Be sure to visit the Legion of Honor museum whilst in San Francisco!