Saturday, August 9, 2008

Almost back......

the olympic

I'll be back shortly finally from my beach week to moderate comments and participate in blogland! Isn't this photo of the olympic marvelous? I wish cruise ships were still elegant affairs :-(

Friday, August 8, 2008


Today is 08.08.08! I love symmetry so this is really pretty cool, don't you think? So in honor of the date, I've posted (and reposted) some images of symmetry in design! Enjoy!!cottage from May 2008, Martha Stewart
Soane Ranger's kitchen from Habitually Chic

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Medicine cabinets

You know who has my favorite medicine cabinets for the price? Restoration hardware.Mirrored on the inside with adjustable shelves , beveled mirror on the outside-they're really done with an eye towards quality and detail. I prefer the vintagey looking version with the frame seen above, but frameless is available as well.I love these small retro old -fashioned ones too -how great would these be in a powder room?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Glass House

So if you're at the beach, by a lake or in some picturesque location -what better way to take advantage of the views than a glass house. I always think you need isolation for this (unless you want people watching you like a show on the boob tube). Modernists have favored this type of get away cottage for years, did it start with Mies van der Rohe perhaps?
Phillip Johnson's weekend retreat -the aptly named 'Glasshouse'

The Farnsworth house by Mies van der Rohe during the big floods a few years ago -i think there is something magical about seeing it floating in the water like that.

Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece, Fallingwater - pretty glassy itself! This new house captured by Nick Bowers, takes all the best aspects of a glass house and puts them together- I would love to stay here!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So this week has me thinking -where is your ideal vacation spot? A quiet beach, an exotic location, a safaria or a fast-paced city perhaps? Personally, I like 2 smaller vacations a year; one week to the beach (seafood and nice weather, Cape Cod anyone?) and a week in a European city. Do any of these look appealing to you? Is there a place you return to year after year?

Monday, August 4, 2008

the beach

Posting will be light this week as I'm on vacation at the beach, but I'll still be blogging! I love my yearly pilgrimage to the beach to just relax and unwind, do nothing and catch up on my reading! I would love to have a little place by the beach someday -maybe something like this.......Ok -just kidding! haha Thats the petit trianon and not even on the beach! No, more something like this PERFECT beach cottage below.....

Nice and low maintenance!!!! I hope you're enjoying your week as much as I am!