Saturday, April 4, 2009


What makes you happy? Do you have little things in your life that just bring a smile to your face? Everyday at work, I drink my morning tea out of this colorful 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' over-sized mug. Totally cornball, I know -but it's the little things!
Speaking of little things, even the inside has detail; It reads "I'm just crazy about Tiffany's!".
Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Tiffany Trophy

While at the American History Museum I not only saw Julia Child's kitchen, per yesterdays post, but I also saw this unusual trophy presented to Willard A. Smith, the administrator for the Transportation exhibitions that were inside the building. It was given to the Smithsonian by his grandson. Made by Tiffany & Co. in honor of his Transportation Building at the 1893 World's Columbus Exhibition in Chicago, the vase celebrates the only forward looking 'modern' building at the fair with a model of the 'golden arch' on the trophy.
Many architects claim the Beaux-Arts designed and influenced campus set American architecture back 50 years (I have to admit though that I LOVE beaux arts design).
Louis Sullivan steered a new course in modern architecture; For this he is known as the 'father of modernism' among architects. He is credited for being the inventor of the skyscraper and was also mentor to Frank Lloyd Wright: probably the most important architect to come out of Chicago or even arguably the United States.Sullivan is the architect who coined the phrase "Form ever follows Function" (form follows function), probably what he is best known for today!
All of this from a little Tiffany vase at the Smithsonian! Many thanks to Bonnie Campbell Lilienfeld, the curator of the artifact walls, for the additional information!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Julia Child's Kitchen

This past weekend I was able to head to the newly remodeled Smithsonian American History museum and saw Julia Child's kitchen! It is amazing how kitchen design has changed. Even the most amateur of us (or even people who don't cook at all!) have fancier kitchens than this. It goes to prove how we just don't need all of that fancy kitchen stuff!
The space was very special to her as it was designed by her husband with extra tall counters to make up for her stature! She filmed a total of 3 different tv series from this TINY room!
I loved the homey feel: painted cabinets, lots of personal touches, and splashes of color everywhere! This is a great example of a kitchen where everything is within arms reach. I love the idea of the pegboard walls to hang everything: so practical! Notice the paintings hung on the front of the cabinets below? What a great idea!
And here we are together :-) Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Harold and Maude

This past weekend I was able to see a classic cult film, Harold and Maude (1971). While I loved the movie, what really caught my eye was the house of Harold's mother, Mrs. Chasen. The house really reminds me of the work of John Woolf: mainly because of that canopy over the front door. (Read this great article from Vanity Fair about Woolf by Matt Tyrnauer HERE). Classic Woolf, don't you think? From what I could find HERE though, the house is actually the The Rose Court Mansion in Hillsborough and many of the scenes were shot inside, even using the actual butler from the house in the movie!
The home is extremely eclectic inside, but French styles dominate. This study, seen above was off the main living room where all of the dates Harold takes, set up by his mother, take place.
1971....but this could be a home today for the most part, don't you agree? The classic white lenox lamps, the beautiful chair in the background, simple drapes, big windows. I just loved this room!
The classic lenox lamp is used throughout the room as are potted orchids. The couch is a bit dated but still stylish: simple white linen with an interesting trim. My poor pictures don't capture the beautiful painted paneling in this room either.
Here you see that chair again...the clothes are definitely dated even if the room is not...
I loved the pelmets over the curtains - so perfect for a mansion of this caliber.
Yes, the yellow ragweed flowers are dated as is the victorian style table but you catch a better glimpse of the beautiful paneling in this room and the chinoiserie statue. Check out the checked B&W marble tiled hallway! classic!
From the next room over, you get a better glimpse of the living room. I love the 2 stylish 20's era portrait as well as the game-table in the corner; Another great white chair as well! Just ignore Harold's fake suicide attempt here in this photo with his feet up in the air.....just like his mother did!
To end with , maybe not a really great interior shot, but I loved the gallery wall in the master bedroom hallway. Ideas just keep being recyled: Whats old is new again!
Please excuse the poor quality of the photos are they are my own of my tv!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Pretty Lovely Things

Last week I met Samantha from the blog 'Pretty Lovely Things' here in DC for coffee and to chat about design and blogging. She's a local interior design student and has recently started a really great blog about her many interests: fashion, art and design included. Read about our conversation online at her blog HERE
Thanks, Sam!

Barry Dixon at Timothy Paul

This past thursday I attended the DC launch party of Barry Dixon's rug collection at Timothy Paul. I had been in the bedding and home store of Timothy Paul up the street but had never been into the carpet showroom so I was excited to see it! I had always admired their throw pillows they had in the window, I was happy to see them up close -so beautiful!!
We got there really early, straight from work, and got to take some pictures before the party started and talked to Barry Dixon a bit about his inspiration behind most of the collection. All of the different designs are very personal to Barry, picked up from his travels. Ideas came from pieces of tooled leather picked up in bazaars and the pattern of leaves on a forest floor.
The colors are all beautiful, muted tones without being bland. Many of the rugs are available in different color-ways as well.
His beautiful book was also on display: I was at the book launch party for that and blogged about it HERE.
While Dixon's were the primary focus, a few others not by the designer were also featured. I loved this deep rich reddish-orange rug.
If you're ever in DC, visit Timothy Paul -the rug showroom is only a block away from the bedding and home store. Visit them online HERE.