Monday, September 9, 2013

2 notable houses of stucco

This weekend while walking around Georgetown I noticed 2 unusual stucco houses. Now just in passing (or from a car window) they might not strike you as anything but ordinary but lets look closer.
This stucco house which appears to have been put together from at least 2 or 3 brick houses at some point reminds me of something from Rosemary's Beach in Florida, especially the side elevation. See what I mean?
 Don't you love how the tall planted trees make it look like Greek Revival columns on the front facade?
 The second house appears to be another white painted stucco house until you look closer.  Do you see it?
 Look beyond the lovely details such as double porches, symmetrical brick stairs, (a vintage Porsche under wraps), and the Chippendale rail.
All of the trim is painted the same white as the facade but with a navy blue highlighted line of trim.  Lovely, fresh, and so 'French' somehow.
I took all of these images with a new app I discovered somewhere called "Dynamic Light" - a sort of instant photoshop for your smartphone! Hope you can tell a difference in the picture quality.