Friday, February 19, 2010

Creative reuse

Call me crazy, but I think this use of architectural salvage in Chelyabinsk, Russia is sort of charming. I mean, given what they were working with it's pretty creative and fun! What do you think?
image via dark roasted blend

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cheerful winter breakfast

Since everyone seemed to enjoy my dinner party post last week, I decided to photograph breakfast this past weekend to include in this week's Tabletop Thursday!
Bacon and eggs (fried and runny), wheat toast, english breakfast tea with milk and OJ were on the menu. While the bacon fried (and then eggs done in the same pan afterwards), I took a few pictures. Daisies were snipped from a larger bunch ($4 at trader joes) elsewhere in my apartment and put into a bud vase to brighten up the winter gloom. Daisies are the most cheerful flower in my opinion and really last a long time (up to 2 weeks if you change the water frequently!).
The china is Harebell by Radford Fenton (made in England) and from the 1930s is my best guess. The linens are all from potterybarn and I liked how the green napkin brought out the green in the plates. The teapot is the one I use everyday, Martha for Macys, the juice glass is italian glassware from TJmaxx and the creamer is antique crystal from my great-grandmother: just typical old victorian glass. NPR was on and featured the listener's favorite top 10 soprano solos which was a wonderful backdrop. Renee Fleming singing o mio babino caro by Puccini was #1. I hope you are all finding ways to brighten up your winter as well!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Petit Trianon: Salon

The main salon at the Petit Trianon is probably the most often seen space and the largest: You can see it in the floor plan below in blue.
The upholstery and curtains are a very deep dark pink, practically crimson, which like elsewhere, contrast nicely with the light green and white painted boiseries.
The room is outfitted with a suite of musical instruments from the time period. If you've seen Sofia Coppola's movie, Marie Antoinette, you may recognize them.
The elegant gilded bronze work continues as do the Parquet de Versailles flooring. You can see the beautiful light the room receives, I took these pictures in the late afternoon.
Oops, a burnt out bulb! I guess this wouldn't have been a problem back in Marie Antoinette's time! Maybe on a windy day a blown out candle or two....
You'll notice the literal use of lily in the boiseries. I've never seen a fleur de lis depiected with actual lilys before! It is of course the symbol of the French Monarchy and makes perfect sense here.
These elegant armchairs are stylishly upholstered with sumptuously embroidered silk. I hope you enjoyed exploring this beautiful room!

Monday, February 15, 2010


"Taste is having the courage of your own convictions"
True words.....from Wilhelmina Slater ( Vanessa Williams) of Ugly Betty (yes, Ugly Betty!) This show has been so seriously good this season (after a brief lapse of said taste), I can't believe it's being cancelled!