Friday, August 18, 2017

Lechlade, Gloucestershire

I've recently been looking back at a cache of saved emails I have from my online penpal Neil (who if you remember sadly passed away last year) and came across photos of a small town in Gloucestershire, Lechlade, that he had visited.
Not only is the town near one of his favorite houses which I've blogged about before, Buscot Park (see that post HERE), the surrounding towns have a lot to offer including some really beautiful gardens and houses made of the local stone.
There is nothing I love better than an old house with a crunchy gravel drive -note the wisteria on the bay window above too.
Located centrally in the town is the 15th century church of St Lawrence and the beautiful parish house above.
 This is the southern edge of the Cotswolds so you get a fair number of their famous stone cottages here as well.
 I think just these few pictures are reason enough to prove why this area is such a tourist destination.
In nearby Fairford is the Bull Hotel which looks absolutely charming as your home away from home while touring country houses, small villages, and antique shops. Next vacation perhaps?