Thursday, June 27, 2013

Going, going, GONE!

As many of you have been reading and are probably already aware, Google Reader will be ceasing operation on July 1st ( blog lists on blogs showing updated posts). This is how I personally read blogs and I know a number of other people do as well so we all have to find another way to keep up to date!
I've signed up for Bloglovin after having issues with some of the other recommendations I've seen. Every day I get an easy to navigate email with the new postings for the blogs I had entered into the website.  It seems to work well although I'll still miss my blog list here on my blog!
I won't bore you with a lot of redundant information but a great writeup of options can be found at Pigtown Design HERE. As always you can sign up for an easy email of ArchitectDesign sent to you on the upper right hand sidebar "FOLLOW BY EMAIL" on this page by simply adding your email and hitting 'submit'.  You can also sign up for this blog via amazon which will upload directly to your kindle for a small fee (see information here).  Otherwise please consider adding ArchitectDesign to whatever blog reader service you choose to use as I'm happy to have YOU as a reader! Happy Blogging!
Images from our ICAA tour of hunt country taken earlier this spring: future blogpost in the works!