Friday, May 3, 2019

Single-Handedly, Contemporary Architects Draw by Hand

In this age of computer-aided everything (CAD, sketch-up, photoshop, etc) it's refreshing to know there are those in the architectural community who still draw by hand. No computer model, no matter how realistic, can ever replace the warmth and depth of information imparted by hand rendering. More than just an art form, it's a communication technique!
New from the Princetown Press, Nalina Moses brings us a collection of more than 40 architects, designers, and artists, who are still proud to produce by hand without aide of a computer in 'Single-Handedly, Contemporary Architects Draw by Hand'.
Architect David Barrett McTyre, whose proposed chicken coop for Esther's farm in Olive Branch, Mississippi, seen above, is proof that even the most informative construction drawings don't need to be boring. McTyre states that "hand drawings are much more enjoyable and descriptive than Autocad drawings". You know that these drawings are later cherished and probably framed by the owners, not thrown in the trash like most construction sets.
Architect Robert Mellin, in his drawing of the Lane house, seen above, shows how the analytique can impart more information on a project than an entire stack of drawings. As stated about his work in the book, these drawings straddle the line between the ordinary and the extraordinary. 
In her book Moses allows the drawings to mostly speak for themselves, imparting a short blurb on each architect or designer, and speak they do.  Never forget that a picture is worth ten thousand words!  Let's revive the art of hand drafting and be sure to check out Single-Handedly!