Friday, May 17, 2013

Paris vacation - day 4

After the excitement of day 3, Day 4 was spent a little slower and more organic.  After sleeping in we wandered over to the Place de la Bastille for the antique brocante market.  Above you see the last remains of the dreaded Bastille.
The brocante market is a moving event throughout the city where antique vendors come from around the world to display their wares. It was the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon. Expect to pay about 10 euro for entrance.
 A late lunch in a cafe on the Place des Vosges was a great way to relax and people watch.
 The Place des Vosges is one of the most beautiful spots in the city. While the townhouses surrounding the square are all very similar, each is slightly different proving you dont' have to have perfect symmetry to have balance.
Wandering around the Marais is full of surprises. The oldest existing part of the city you never know what you'll stumble upon. Ancient buildings are filled with new and inspiring art and clothing galleries mingled with the cities most fascinating museums located in stunning hotel particuleurs.
Make sure to stop into the church of St Paul St Louis to see the stunning Delacroix paintings in the side chapels.
Even after a gloomy, rainy day, Paris will surprise you with a fantastic evening and an even more spectacular sunset!


Paisley Curtain said...

Glad you are having a wonderful time. Did you buy and treasurers at the Brocante?
Best wishes

Dean Farris said...

tres' belle monsieur

Windlost said...

Stefan, oh I wish I were there. Always love to read your posts but how exciting to get reports from the front.

So glad you're having a good time. Have not been reading blogs so I must go and read your previous posts and see what I missed.

Hugs to you and Paris! :)

xo Terri