Friday, January 25, 2013

Remember the beach

The best parts of blogging is one is able to look back at their (recent) life and revisit the places they've seen.
This cold weather in the Mid-Atlantic region had me longing for my trip to Florida last spring. A few clicks and I was back in Aly's Beach, at least virtually!
 Just one look at these pictures and the blue sky reminded me of the warm weather and crashing waves.
 Aly's beach was still very much under construction last year and I wonder how it has progressed.
 Maybe I should be planning another trip to check up on it!
What I wouldn't give to be sitting under that trellis rather than tramping through our cold snow and windy streets!
I'll take these virtual vacations in lieu of the real thing (for now!).


Deana Sidney said...

After a few days like the ones we've been having... love your virtual respite from the deepfreeze. It looks like a marvelous place... oh those blue skys!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

The florida panhandle was really charming - and blessedly quieter than southern florida!

Mark D. Ruffner said...

Dear Stefan - As I write from St. Petersburg, Florida, I can tell you that the temperatures are dipping into the 50s, which is very cold for us because by now our blood has thinned out.

It's funny to drive along the beach because one can tell at a glance whether pedestrians are visiting or not by how layered they are. Canadians and Europeans are wearing tee shirts and Floridians have winter coats!

Pigtown*Design said...

I don't mind the cold, because it actually *feels* like winter now! The snow yesterday was nice because it was so light and fluffy, and it made that nice squeaky noise when you stepped on it.

Terry said...

Oh this hurts, it hurts us landlocked beach lovers (and who isn't). Hope you'll get back down there soon.

Karena said...

Stefan, I am enjoying beachy pictures as it is frigid here (and beautiful, colorful art as well) I hope you will visit!

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Divine Theatre said...

Oh! Warm weather, blue skies and sand beneath one's feet!
Will I look back at this 17 degree day, slush, salt and grey skies with fond remembrance? Perhaps I had better do something meaningful today, to give the memory some weight!



pve design said...

I savour and cherish a trip to Bermuda with my Mother....many years ago. I need to pull out my photos and artwork of that trip.

Orlando Designs said...

Very nice beach pictures!