Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The William Penn Hotel

Since opening in 1916, the William Penn Hotel has been the cultural hub for many of Pittsburgh's more elegant social events (my parents were married here as well as having their high school proms on the upper level ballrooms).

While the hotel might be a tad bit shabby these days, I never miss a chance of having a drink in the Terrace Room off the lobby seen here, and last weekend was no exception. Elegant crystal chandeliers, great old details and wood paneling, not to mention the sense of history here, all draw me in (as did the bartender's heavy pour!).

Do you have a favorite local hotel that you haunt?


The Devoted Classicist said...

The lobby of the old Peabody Hotel in Memphis is a great place for drinks. During the day, ducks splash around in the central fountain, a long-standing tradition, with a ceremonial entrance and exit from the elevator and their rooftop hutch.

KhakiGuy said...

The hotel was built by Henry Clay Frick, and has a ballroom designed by Joseph's really not to be missed.(The heavy pour is an especially nice touch.)

Hels said...

Edwardian and WW1 hotels like the William Penn Hotel are wonderful, IF they maintain or restore their original taste. Even a bit of shabbiness can't ruin the sense of history and classiness.

For that very reason, my favourite is the Pera Palace in Istanbul. Not the biggest or flashest hotel in the universe, but filled with turn of the century classiness.


ChipSF said...

Love it that you highlight various hotels you like here & there! Nice grillwork detail in the last pic.

We have a great selection of wonderful historic hotels in San Francisco - the Fairmont, St. Francis, Mark Hopkins, Huntington,Clift, Sir Francis Drake, & more. However, for me, the most beautiful & beautifully restored is the Palace. The Garden Court is one of the most spectacular spaces you'll find anywhere - never pass up a party or brunch invitation there! It's also so cozy to sink into a corner in the Pied Piper Bar after a long day of whatever - especially around Christmas time.


Foodie said...

Having just come home from London, I cannot stop thinking about Claridge's and The Dorchester. Both flawless in my opinion.

I know this is a bit off topic, but since you are highlighting Pittsburgh, what do you know about the current state of La Tourelle (Edgar Kauffman's home designed by Benno Janssen?). I am obsessed with it....

Anonymous said...

So chic! Looks like a great spot for drinks!!
xo E + J
P.S. Check out our summer party post, just in time for the 4th!!

Kwana said...

What a wonderful history it has! I need to start hotel touring around here.