Monday, February 8, 2010

Petit Trianon: the small salon

A small but none the less charming room at the Petit Trianon is next on our tour: The small salon. The room was also used as an informal dining room and occasionally a gaming room. It lies in the northwest corner of the PT, seen in blue on the plan below, so would get excellent late afternoon light.
One of the reasons it is believed to have been used as a dining room is the crystal chandelier (seen from the dining room picture post linked above and also in the top picture of this post). Like I mentioned in the dining room, all other rooms in the PT have neoclassically appropriate lanterns. The room also features beautiful gilded bronze sconces which have been electrified and add soft lighting.
The room features a beautifully colorful mantelpiece of red Italian Griotte marble with a matching hearth which is featured elsewhere in the room (in the floor at the window surrounds). The red curtains play up the use of this red stone. The elevation below shows the wall as it is featured in the Boston Architectural Club Yearbook from 1913.
The moldings include an acanthus leaf crown molding which was a popular motif in neoclassical design, originating with ancient Greek architecture. I love the way the red curtains contrast the soft green painted boiseries. This red and green color pattern will follow us through the entire PT.


Anonymous said...

Love those old moldings!


Terry said...

Good grief. The red stone seems to have a direct connection to my brain's pleasure centers. I wonder if it is still quarried?

pve design said...

I just love these lessons. I also love knowing that Marie Antoinette must have eaten cake there.

My Notting Hill said...

The fireplace is a standout. All these posts have been like taking a little virtual vacation.

Leah Moss said...

totally agree Michele! Those moldings are the most exquisite things I've seen in days.

Hope you're staying cozy Stefan!

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

Stefan, again,again, Your photographs are so beautiful-You have the eye (of course) and you can translate it from a Lens. The first image is something else. I have to go(though I would never hone in on everything as you have done here), an enriching lesson and record.

Marija said...

I love the idea of a small salon. We have a small informal dining room/gaming room we call the "dessert room". Nothing nearly as elegant but a surprisingly useful space. I love the history behind this post.