Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Temple of Love

Another folly built on the grounds of the Petit Trianon for Marie Antoinette by Richard Mique & Hubert Robert is the Temple of Love. This temple sits on the opposite side of the house as the older French Pavilion and houses a statue of cupid.
It overlooks a small stream that runs up to the Petit Trianon.
Inspired by antiquity, the columns sport Corinthian caps.....
and a coffered dome.It sits out in the English landscape. Here it is viewed from the side of the house.
The temple rests on a small island reached by a small bridge. I loved that the side of the bridge acted as a planter for wildflowers.The Petit Trianon, finally making its' debut as seen from the Temple of Love.
Marie Antoinette had the Temple of Love built within view of her bed in her bedroom - can it be any more poetic than that? Do we think she had Count Fersen in mind or her husband, Louis XVI?


Merilin said...

If she had anyone on her mind then it was definitelly count Fersen! I think she was a very romantical soul.. and this little temple is a proof. Really lovely!:)

pve design said...

We need more "temples of love" in the world!
Just stunning!!!

Julio said...

I agree with pve...more temples of love! An insightful post. Thanks AD.

Michael said...

Gorgeous! Did you get to see the "Belvedere"?

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Michael - read mondays post on the Belvedere and a post last week on the French Pavilion.
I thought the temple of love was one of the more simple but really powerful places at Versailles.

Landscape Designer said...

Wonderful post!! Keep them coming. You make me want to go back. I missed that. Versailles is so vast it is impossible to see in one visit.

Mélanie said...

I've always had a passion for le petit trianon and " les folies " . Thanks for this wonderful post