Friday, May 16, 2008

Weekend Organization!

ahhhhhh, organization :-) no, this is not my apartment, but it will be close enough SOON!

Well, last night I accomplished something I've been talking about for over a year now: I got my storage unit ORGANIZED! Yes, I have shelves. Things are on the shelves and in a relative order! I can now get my suitcase out of my storage unit without removing 10 other items and the fear of being crushed to death by a tottering pile of STUFF!
this is not my house, thank god (especially as I do not habituate mcdonalds) but this is the same storage system I have that I LOVE. My drawer fronts are wood, not blue but I've left all the shelving free of the ugly doors except for one small cube. I'll post pictures next week!

Now this weekend will be the task of reorganizing my closets and getting rid of 2 drawers on my storage system that can be either a dresser or bookshelf depending how you utlize it. More shelf space for books and magazines that currently are seeping out of the seems of my apartment. Wish me luck!!
something along the lines of this level of organization is what I'm hoping for by the end of the weekend!


Pigtown-Design said...

Ditto... even though it's FREEZING out right now, I need to change over my winter and summer wardrobes. I've got a bit of each out now, and it's not working. I also saw a hutch, for want of a better word, for the front room that just might fit and it will add some much-needed storage. Got a big bag o'books and mags (yours!) for the BT run tomorrow.

Be the change..... said...

Sounds productive, PD! Make sure to take photos of the hutch to share! It's amazing how the bookthing becomes a sort of rotating library! What a great place :-)

pve design said...

Organizing and clearing out is always good!
When in doubt, throw it out- is my motto.
Only keep what is useful, beautiful and makes you happy!

Christopher said...

We cleaned out the garage on yesterday, it is always stressful going through your stuff but there is a sense of freedom afterward. We treated ourselves to dinner after driving to the thrift store and donating the stuff we de-cluttered.

Patsy Tierney said...

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