Thursday, July 17, 2008


BAMO -fun name huh? It's an inventive architecture and interior design firm in San Francisco. I recently came across an intriging pavilion they did for a client in Marin County via desire to inspire and was so intrigued I looked it up. Their portfolio reads:

'A pavilion for entertaining and philanthropic events, this structure marries the client's love chinoiserie with the ranch's official mascot. Copper lizards climb the 42 ft. high pagoda; smaller versions adorn entrance doors. River rock and brick paving recall the gardens of Suzhou, while Venetian silk lanterns glow from the billowing bead-board ceiling.'

Um, wow....I have so many feelings about this amazing place -I would love to attend a party here! I love those wall panels backed with mirror, the huge french doors, the whimsical lizards crawling up the exterior and their use as handles on the beautiful forged iron doors(It's all in the details). This reminds me of the post Cote de Texas did on conservatories, orangeries and poolhouses; I think this falls under the label - expansive windows and a seperate pavilion if not entirely glass as her examples show. This especially reminds me of the famous garden pavilion she wrote about from the sound of music in Austria (if a little more exotic)!

See BAMO's amazing portfolio online HERE.


pve design said...

Each time I see this pavilion, I think of the sheer joy for that designer/architect to create. Love to hear the story of the design process. Those lizards look real.
Leaping lizards - I agree that spot would be the perfect party pavilion.

Style Court said...

What a place for a party! Have you seen the review of Paradise by Design on 1stdibs? Reminded me of you :)

Be the change..... said...

I'll have to check that out, SC! I rarely get to see 1st dibs as it won't load on my computer at home properly - ARGH!