Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I interupt this design blog ( well, mainly design anyways) to bring you breaking news. Is NOTHING sacred? Why is our society so obsessed with sex scandals. Whats the big deal? We all have sex - who cares. It's nothing shocking, it's nothing bad. In europe they handle it with aplomb. However, in america we have to drag any public personage through the mud when we find proof that they *gasp*- engaged in sexual activities. Lately we've heard a lot about elected officials, before that it was hollywood -and now.............IT'S HOLLYWOOD SCREEN GODDESSES.
Let it go people......let it go.........Leave Marilyn alone -she died 50 years ago -do we really need to hear about her giving oral sex - let alone see it. This it the new HEIGHT of LOW.
So many people, especially myself, look back onto the golden age of hollywood as a more beautiful time -and now with the release of this marilyn sex tape, all my illusions are shattered. Why does everything have to be made out to be so sordid, tacky and LOW. I am really taking this to heart -our society is just plain AWFUL. Maybe Carlos was right ( see post below ). She's dead - leave her alone!!
So all I have to do is reiterate probably the only intelligent thing that GWB ever said ( or signed ) to the people who are dragging this out of history and into the light.......


Monique said...

I completely agree w/ you. Hollywood "created" her and I'm sure they have a hand in keeping the scandal alive too.

Be the change..... said...

I agree with you, Monique! People are still abusing her for profit!!