Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Pope

So, the pope is here in DC and the city is ABUZZ. I wasn't raised Catholic and have a hard time understanding the importance of the pope, other than being an international figure representing Catholicism. I admit, I do enjoy the pageantry of the catholic church! I find it odd that the United States (and DC in particular) can be so nonchalant about so many things and hold so very few things sacred ( marilyn sex tape, anyone?) and be so ANTI-organized religion and yet, when the pope comes to town everyone acts like it's the 2nd coming of Christ (sorry for the run on sentence there ) Calm down people........
I think because we have so few 'static' things in our country with presidential elections every 4 years, a new hollywood 'it' girl every week and a new scandal splashed across the newspapers daily; we yearn for this constancy in life. There will always be a pope, just as there will always be a queen in England ( dc went crazy when Queen elizabeth visited last year, too) . In this relatively young nation we celebrate the new but seem to yearn for things that are constant and never-changing. I think this echoes why we keep returning to traditional styles of architecture and interior design as well. With so much new going on around us and a constantly changing fashion, we need something steadfast to ground us.
So when the funny little popemobil passes me, I'll take a minute to watch the pope, but don't expect to see me bowing or doing the sign of the cross!


pve design said...

Let's hope that the Papal visit brings renewed faith in religions all over the world and that we can hope for a better future for our World.
Whatever your faith or non-faith, this visit is part of history. New York is all a buzz. Yankee Stadium will never be the same!

Be the change..... said...

It is a momentous occasion for sure. It was really reassuring to see crowds of tens of thousands of people trying to just glimpse him in his motorcade yesterday. A common goal; everyone coming together