Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Filoli entry

The thing I adore most about visiting  house museums is checking out the amazing details caught in time. While at Filoli I must have taken 20 photos of the entryway itself!
Everyone knows the neo-Georgian front facade of Filoli from numerous tv shows and movies but it was used by Hollywood for a reason; the quiet good taste and great details just are dying to impress.
Looking up to the portico ceiling is rewarding with amazing plaster and stonework. Even the bronze lantern with leaded glass would be beautiful on its own.
Flanking the front door are antique Roman birdbaths - each slightly different but similar enough to appear a matching pair to the common observer.
Once inside even the front doorknob is a work of art, chased with detail. One small overlooked detail however: the screws are all different directions!  Horizontal or vertical I want them all to align!
The interior plaster walls are scored to resemble stone, a common technique used in my own coop building lobby.
And as everyone knows by now I adore a vintage light fixture.  These iron sconces  in the entry vestibule are also works of art.  Detail is everywhere if one just opens their eyes to SEE!


Karena Albert said...

Ah, those iron sconces, truly works of art! The entry is simply gorgeous!

The Arts by Karena

Blue said...

The birdbath is quite lovely. It reminds me, as it should, of course of things we saw in Naples, Pompeii and Herculaneum. Terrific stuff. Thank you

Chronica Domus said...

Lovely details everywhere in that wonderful house. I chuckled at your comment with regards to the doorknob screws, a pet peeve of mine!

home before dark said...

Too funny about the Misalignment of the Screws. Several years (decades actually), my husband helped me build a trellis over our fence that I could use to tie in the climbing hydrangea. I insisted the screws (slotted) be aligned in the same direction. He, who hates these projects, said, "Let me get this straight. We're building a framework that someday will be totally filled in with the hydrangea. Why does it matter?" Of course I said: "It matters now." Sigh....

Blue said...

Life is too short to worry about lining up screws. I'm not wishing to be dismissive about this but there is medication for it – I know, I'm on it.

Raymond Cunningham said...

There's nothing worse than a misaligned screw!

Ann said...

Thanks for visiting me today! I love the details in the entry. Such a grand entrance but I wonder if birds would really use the bath so close to where people are walking!

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

I feel the same way about the screws being in different directions ... Go figure! But your photo capturing light coming through the keyhole is just an amazing shot.
I adore the birdbaths flanking the entrance way and then to step into that gorgeous entry is simply beautiful. I always enjoy your tours.