Sunday, May 19, 2013

Paris vacation - day 6

As you can probably tell we've done a lot in just a few days! So day 6 was kept intentionally slow. We decided to stay close to home and at the recommendation of a couple we met at dinner one evening checked out the Conciergerie.
 An odd museum, it encompasses the prisons used notoriously during the revolution. The history of the building goes much further back however as it was part of the old Capetian palace from the 15th century. Here you can see a recreation of Marie Antoinette's cell as well as a memorial to her and Louis XVI. I have to be honest and recommend that you skip this museum; so many other greater things to see in Paris!
The bonus to visiting the Conciergerie however was buying tickets to the adjacent St Chapelle and avoiding the horrendous lines!  I had never visited the 13th century chapel before and can literally say it took my breathe away (and not just the tiny circular stair which takes you up to the main Upper Chapel). If you can visit SOON as the restoration of the windows is nearly complete and it is so interesting to contrast the restored windows versus the unrestored.
I have to say some of the worst behavior I've ever seen at a tourist attraction was exhibited here from people of all nationalities and ages.  People were touching the painted surfaces everywhere (despite constant warnings not to and numerous signs) as well as being incredibly loud and disrespectful even though silent signs were everywhere and guides where shushing us like kindergarden children. Really a disappointing environment to have in such splendor. 
The weather has been damp with daily rainfall but even the flooded Seine is a sight to behold in the evening.


Windlost said...

Hi Stefan, I did the Conciergerie and St.Chapelle combo too but didn't experience the unfortunate events you did at St.Chapelle. It was quiet and lovely there the day I visited, which was mid-week in October, so not busy. Ugh. Hope you are not too cold in the rainy spring seems to always rain when you are there.

xo Terri

The Devoted Classicist said...

La Chapelle is truly a breath-taking interior. Fit for a king, I suppose.