Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hôtel de Sens

Across the river from my apartment on the Ile St Louis is the oldest area of Paris, the Marais. One of the oldest and most charming of the structures there is the Hôtel de Sens, a late medieval palace from 1475 which could easily fill in for Cinderella's castle.

The garden side faces a main street and even in the blustery winter weather was a place you want to spend an afternoon. The palace now houses the Forney arts library since 1961. This organization dates from the late 19th century and was created to promote artistic craftsmanship among the city's workers and is naturally open to the public.


The Down East Dilettante said...

I've been thinking much lately about the American passion for demolition---and our sudden and increasing contempt for older buildings, resulting in uncountable losses..

And this, in the middle of one of the world's great cities, just underscores the tragedy here.

But of course, Paris is Paris...and lovely this is

Karena said...

Stefan this must have been such a memorable experience!!

The historical significance of the Hotel de Sens is cherished as it should be!


Art by Karena

Ann said...

Did you go in?

Mark D. Ruffner said...

The images are charming, if one can say that of such a large structure. I'm intrigued by the unusual division of the panes of the larger windows - I wonder why they're proportioned that way?

gésbi said...

I used to go here every week as a student and it is still a cherished spot. It's a cozy place - really human proportions- to do research and there are exhibits from time to time on fabric, wallpaper, posters...
Glad you had an interesting stay!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Mark -maybe there is an interspacial floor there? I don't know -it is a bit strange.

Ann -I didn't go in as I didn't realize it was open to the public until doing research afterwards! It would have been a welcome respite from the cold!