Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sag Harbor shopping

While in the Hamptons, my favorite town was probably Sag Harbor. As my favorite activities are house stalking and furniture shopping, it was a natural fit!

The first stop for anyone visiting should be JED for classic glamorous style at 27 Washington Street. They also have a 1st dibs website here, definitely check it out.

Also be sure to check out Ruby Beets next door with a mix of vintage and new homegoods at 25 Washington Street. My friend Heather at Habitually Chic had recommended these stores to me and has covered them on her blog (see links) and they did not disappoint!

After all of this shopping, you're sure to work up an appetite so stop across Main Street at LT burger, where all of the local celebrities hang out for burgers and shakes (try the delicious turkey burger; Christie Brinkley's favorite, a local regular, and mine as well!).

Like the rest of the town, the restaurant has an updated vintage feeling to it: laid back, unpretentious and delicous!

Across from the harbor at 34 Harbor Street is La Maisonette -an eclectic and edited mix of mainly French antiques. I saw so many unusual quirky items here I really wanted to bring home with me!

However, my favorite shop of all (and a real treat) is the Christy's Building Art Center at 3 Madison Street.

Housing an amazing collection of art, salvaged architectural pieces and amazing antique furniture from all styles - every piece is a show stopper.

Rather than a shop, it felt more like the apartment of some incredibly stylish person with a highly edited but eclectic mix of offerings.

These built-in mahogany book cases are really gorgeous -I wonder where they came from? (and how I get my hands on them!).

My take-home piece though would have to be this painted screen showing the Place Vendome in Paris. I was too in awe to even inquire the price (i'd be willing to risk my retirement on this piece!). So while in the Hamptons, be sure to leave the allure of East Hampton to spend some time in nearby Sag Harbor!

My apologies for the poor photo quality. My camera seems to have developed a case of the 'blues'.


La Petite Gallery said...

My cousin lives in east Hampton, I'll ask her to take me to this place. Very interesting shoping.


David Toms said...

Some seriously good shopping!

Bob said...

Thanks for your eyeful tour of Sag Harbor shopping places this year. It's been years since my last popover to there.

The Devoted Classicist said...

I agree; that screen would make any space into a stylish room. It is interesting to see, now that more people live full time in the Hamptons, that more decorative businesses can find the necessary year-around business to survive.

Mark D. Ruffner said...

I enjoyed this tour - a vicarious retail therapy session - and agree that Christy's Building Art Center is the winner. I'd be interested to know the markup on the JED items!

Style Court said...

Stefan --

I'm still coveting Ruby Beets' leather settee. It reminds me of the one in Bright Star!

Simply Grand said...

Whoa! Those two shops are just what I want our shop to be when it grows up, although it's going to be hard to duplicate the quality of Long Island estate architectural pieces around here. Those columns and the Georgian Revival fireplace at La Maisonette, and basically, everything in the Christy's Building Art Center are so great. This place must be on RL's short list for propping his stores.

And all that blue is just because you forgot to switch your camera to daylight mode when you stepped outside, but I bet you could warm those shots up in the computer. Either way, blue or not, thanks for the pointer to what's obviously a great shopping area. Love the font on the Sag Harbor sign, too. Any clue what it is?

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Grand, I'm a techie neophyte!
The sign is the movie theater - so cute!

Karena said...

A really wonderful tour Stefan!! I know just where to stop in when I visit Sag Harbor.


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